L13 Winter 2010 : Week 13 – Final Roundup

Merry Christmas!:
Despite the voided final week, you have to say he deserved his title – step up Shaun Backhouse finishing top of the pile after leading the way for most of the season. Well done Shaun, buy yourself out of that syndicate with your winnings…! Mr B had a 12 point lead over new boy Tony Morris in second place (a fine debut sir!), who finishes sixteen points above the seemingly perennial bronze medallist Neil Osbourne in third place. Andrew Darbyshire rocked up in fourth place just ahead of Charlie Harris who will be a Happy Notts boy finishing 5th on 279 points one place and one point above the charmed Neil Templeton in 6th. Dave Crisp ended up in seventh place 4 points above Mark Seels in eighth, who in turn finishes 3 points above our Cov-boy Matt Gingell in ninth. Howard Thomas finishes in 10th place, thanks to 3 correct scores and nets the last of the “big prizes”
Happy New Year?:
The battle royale didn’t get the finale it deserved but no doubt it will please someone called Sam… Savan Arora takes the wooden spoon (and a fiver!) this season!
Spot Prizers:
OK, it’s Week 13, you HAVE won these prizes! Neil Meredith is on the memories (maybe he can download some 1990 footage and reminisce at leisure over winning a League title…) at 11th, night watchman Danny Ashworth is at 13th (£25), saving some sibling rivalry face, Jason Morris is at 21st (£22.50), Stuart Longworth is on the BotW 23rd (£0 – boo! good debut though), Nick Hogwood is top Hogwood at 33rd (£15), Jessica Hirst is on the BotW 42nd (£3 – yay!), Andy Chesworth is at 43rd (£12.50) softening the blow of one week not sending in what turned out to be week winning scores, Gary Blackburne is at 52nd (£12.50) and can afford another Palace season ticket, Mark J Brown is at 57th (£10) but in Dubai so I’ll keep it (only joking lah!), Mark Shakespeare is cleaning up at 63rd (£24) and Neil Birchall is on the BotW 65th (£0 – boo!)
PAS Cup 2010:
In order to be invited to enter the PAS Cup 2011 you had to finish in the Top 32 after 13 weeks of play (well 12 actually). Sneaking the last spot is…Sam Arora (and won’t he tell Savan about it!)
And Another Thing:
The other little bits…

Shaun B & Andrew D picked up an additional £2.50 for getting the Best Weekly Score of the Season – 47(9). Stephen Street picks up £7.50 for Best Correct Score of the Season – PNE 4 Palace 3.

Thanks again to all for taking time and bothering to enter – and a final big thank you to Dave N for providing all the behind the scenes techky stuff to enable another great season…

We’ll see the Top 32 in January for the PAS Cup & Lucky 13 Spring 11 and those game enough to take on the “cream” – the rest of you (that don’t want to play), we’ll see you in September – remember, spread the word and get all your mates involved for next season!


PS – Wondering what the weekly “tracks” were? Wonder no more…make a playlist!

Week 1
Odyssey – “Native New Yorker”
Week 2
The Wonderstuff – “Piece Of Sky”
Week 3
Band Of Horses – “Factory”
Week 4
Peter, Bjorn & John – “Up Against The Wall”
Week 5
Sh*t Robot – “Take ’Em Up”
Week 6
Young MC – “I Come Off (Southern Comfort Mix)”
Week 7
Arcade Fire – “We Used To Wait”
Week 8
U2 – “Like a Song”
Week 9
Crowded House – “Weather With You”
Week 10
Catatonia – “Dead From The Waste Down”
Week 11
Jenny & Jonny – “Big Wave”
Week 12
Broken Bells – “The Ghost Inside”