L13 Winter 2010 : Week 8 – Roundup…

“We stake our claim”:
As my mate at Talkin’ Loud might’ve once said, “Jazz is dead! Long live the new Jazz!”… Yep, Shaun Backhouse 45 (7) is threatening to be Man Yoo to Jazz S’s Liverpool with his second weekly win of the season whilst riding high in the table. Another fine win sir, £20 will be paid to the syndicate post haste!
“Exactly who are you?”:
A joint effort at being completely rubbish this week comes from Savan Arora & Catriona Johnstone 8 (0) – hide behind the sofa when you look at the table…!
Correct Score of the Week:
I have no idea how people got correct scores this week – most popular score was St Johnstone 0 Hearts 2 – 15 of you got that score! 10 got Burnley’s 3-2 against Watford, 7 got the 3-1 between Leeds and The Robins and 4 got Hamilton 1 Inverness 3… Sean P & Stu L got Nottm Forest 0 QPR 0 and Rob C & Dan P got Gillingham 1 Crewe 3. Martin S got the 0-0 at Eastlands and Stu L got Newcastle 0 Fulham 0. However, this week’s best correct score goes to Dave Crisp for his inspired Aston Villa 2 Man Utd 2.
Bet of the Week:
Paul H’s pseudo bet of the week goes the way of all the others…

Table News:

“Too right to be wrong…”:
Shaun Backhouse stays top now a massive 47 points ahead of the emerging Tony M (letting your bruv know about it??!) and the chasing pack, lead by Charlie H is a further 2 points behind in third. Howard T & Dave C move into the Top Ten intent on making money for some serious bench pressing gym bunny time…
“Is there nothing left?”:
Savan Arora slips to the bottom 3 points adrift of Debbie J. Catriona J is only two points further up as the battle royale at the foot of the table continues…
“Well take a look around you”:
Highest climbers this week, up a whopping 13 places are Stuart Longworth & Jason Morris (letting your bruv know about it??!) – honourable mentions go to Howard T (+10), Dave N (+10), Mark Se (+11) and Dan P (+10).
“Too set in out ways to try to rearrange”:
Falling furthest this week, down a whopping 12 places are Richard Hirst & Jazz Sian – dishonourable mentions go to Josh H (-10), Tony B (-10), Mark G (-10), Jamie S (-10) and, completing a shocker in Casa Hirst, Jess H (-11)
PAS Cup 2011:
In order to be invited to enter the PAS Cup 2011 (and pay a reduced entry fee!) you will have to finish in the Top 32 after 13 weeks of play. Currently sneaking the last spot is…still the Staffs terrier, Rob Currin.
And Another Thing:
Don’t spill Dr Pepper on your laptop – it will die….