L13 Winter 2010 : Week 2 – Roundup…

“How did you get so very high”:
You’d think scoring 40 points would secure a weekly win wouldn’t you? But no, Charlie H, it doesn’t. So, then you’d think getting 47 points with a mighty impressive 9 correct scores would win you £20 yeah? Well, no actually. It only wins you £10 this week as both Andrew Darbyshire & Shaun Backhouse 47 (9) somehow managed this fine tally. Well done boys, it’ll take some beating…
“If luck was a bird then you shot it down”:
Oh dear! The 3 minute flash scoring method will need a rethink as Michelle Fernandez 8(1) brings shame to our name. If she was Scouse she’d be wearing an armband….
Correct Score of the Week:
Another round of fine predicting – most popular score was Rangers win at the Jambos – 22 of you got that! 8 got the 3-1 at Fir Park, 7 got Celtic’s 3-1 v Hamilton and 4 got Leicester’s 3-1 against Sunderland. 4 of you got the 2-2 between Boro & Pompey and 4 got Hull 0 Coventry 0. Andy C / Mark F / Jamie S got Bristol City 0 Norwich City 3 and Dave N / Sean P / Vicki O got Swansea 0 Derby Co. 0. However, this week’s best correct score and new best correct of the season so far, goes to Vicki Osmond for her very brave Liverpool 1 Blackpool 2. So, Vicki really is smarter than a nearly 9 year old?! (sorry I got your age wrong last week Jess H!)
Bet of the Week:
As my Forest mate said, “Doncaster my @rs*” And how right he was! Yep, Dave C had a mare and won nowt for spot prize slot 23rd – next up is the Andrew D & Shaun B show…

Table News:

“You got so high you almost touched the sky”:
Shaun Backhouse moves up 11 places t go 1 point ahead on Andrew D who in turn is 9 points ahead of Jamie S in third.
“Lady luck couldn’t wish you more luck than I”:
Ooops! Vim Gupta goes down 24 places to the bottom of the pile one point behind Jason M.
“So take a jump”:
Highest climber this week, up a whopping 47 places is Charlie Harris – honourable mentions go to Debbie J (+30), Rich L (+31), Tony B (+25), Nick H (+28) and Jon T (+25)
“I won’t look at you and ask why”:
Falling furthest this week, down a whopping 57 places is Michelle Fernandez – dishonourable mentions go to Stephen S (-22), Ellen F (-31), Mark F (-24), Catriona J (-50) and Vim G (-24)
PAS Cup 2011:
In order to be invited to enter the PAS Cup 2011 (and pay a reduced entry fee!) you will have to finish in the Top 32 after 13 weeks of play. Currently sneaking the last spot is… my fantasy friend, Stuart Longworth.
And Another Thing:
You’ll see from the table we’ve lost a player (boo!) and we might be losing another (double boo!) – not paid yet?! Get your payment across as soon as please!

Gonna be away in future weeks? Well, you’ll be able to find scoresheets up to and including Week 6, download and send over in good time!