L13 Winter 2010 : BotW Info

First up will be my old mucker Crispy – we had varying degrees of success with this last season but I’ll try and make it a bit easier to get some money into the spot prize coffers…

If you win a week you’ll be asked to provide 3 home win accumulators this season – 6 homes, 7 homes and 8 homes. I’m guessing the logical way to do this is to pick 8 and then whittle one away for 7 and then another for your 6, but, hey, you can do what you want.

Just remember though you’re trying to add to your £20 winnings and put some money into an allotted spot prize position for those less fortunate than yourself! We’ve set aside £3 a week from the entry fees to pay for this so let’s make sure we win it all back and then some!