Spring Cup 2010 : Final -Result

This year’s Cup winner is Mark Seels who won thrilling Final by 1 point from Shaun Backhouse – congrats Seelsy, that’s £100 coming your way and Shaun I’m sure won’t be too disappointed collecting £50 for his gallant efforts. That brings another domestic season to a close and I hope to see you all back in September. Meanwhile…

PAS World Cup latest!

I’ve not heard from any of the Top 32 saying they’re not playing so please get your £10 in asap please. We’ve got a few non Top 32 confirmed (and some newcomers!) – anyone else fancy it? £15 for a WHOLE tournament – bargain!

Thanks to all those who have paid up already – the draw for “teams” has taken place and confirmation of who drew who will be revealed when the first scoresheet is sent over on June 1st.