L13 Spring 2010 : Week 13 – Roundup…

He’s been knocking on the door for a good few weeks now, courtesy of his impressive “big” scoring correct scores, and this week (arguably the best week) it’s all come together for Savan Arora 41 (7). Congrats Sav, £20 winging it’s way to you, bet yer bruv is gutted!
In an ugly attempt to try and secure a “spot prize” position, Jon Allin 11(1) posted scorelines like 7-7, 6-6, 5-5 and 4-4 aiming at a record low score. What he didn’t bargin for was the goal drought at the Emirates which doubled his score in one fell swoop! Karma Jon, karma…
Correct Score of the Week:
A bumper week for many… Paul J/Jason M/Matt W got the 3-2 at the Upton Park, 11 got Forest’s 3-0 v Plymouth and Ellen F & Martin S got the 2-2 at the Toon (can you see what I did there?!). 7 got Man Yoo 3 Sp*rs 1, 12 got the 1-1 between Super Palace & WBA and Catriona J & Gareth got the 3-2 for Cardiff. Frankie F & Savan A got Bolton 2 Portsmouth 2 and Jon A (booooo!) got the nil-nil at the Arsenal. Best correct score of the week? Dan Pelgrom got 8 points for Burnley 0 Liverpool 4.
Best Correct Score of the Season?:
It’s been there a while! Stephen Street for his Hibs 5 Montrose 1.
Bet of the Week:
Who’d have thought?! Another winner! The Jamie S away treble came in at £3 giving him an extra £1.50 prize money and spot prize slot 55 another £2.50 taking it up to a lovely little £23.50 in total. Nice!
And Another Thing:
Thanks to all who took part – another great season, please play again!

PAS World Cup 2010 – If you’re in the Top 32 you will qualify for PAS World Cup if you so wish and it’ll cost you a tenner for the whole tournament! And, you’ll be “drawn” a team who will earn you bonus points for every goal they score! If you finish outside the Top 32, you can still join in the summer bonanza but it’ll cost you £15 and you won’t be allocated a team to earn you bonus points – the choice is yours!