L13 Spring 2010 : Week 12 BotW

Jazz S has supplied this week’s bet of the week and I’ll confess I’ve already lost us some money by getting the bet on late… but also saved some!

7 Homes:
Sevilla, Real Madrid, Dep La Coruna, Inter, Hamburg, Birmingham, Sunderland – 14/1 as I missed out on Inter as I didn’t realise it was a Friday kick off – soz!
3 Draws:
Chelsea, Villa. Arsenal – 4/1
3 Aways:
Fulham v Wolves, Coventry v Preston, Huddersfield v Millwall – 10/1 as I missed out on Hudd-Mill – just as well really!

Result: WIN!

Didn’t matter I missed the Inter game cos the 7 homes went down anyway, Jazz’s Sp*rs put pay to the treble and it did matter I missed the Millwall game cos the other two came in! That means Jazz earns another £5 and more importantly, BotW spot prize slot 39th, now has a whole £6 on it!