L13 Spring 2010 : Week 7 – Roundup…

“Settle for the riches to be fed”:
It was a battle royale for top spot this week and emerging triumphant came Gareth Morgan 45 97). Well done G, £20 enough to entice a juicy tabloid expose??!
“Paying for your past crime”:
How apt! Jon Tofeili 11(0) isn’t quite point-less but close nevertheless. Real life imitating art anyone?! (see below…)
Correct Score of the Week:
Jeez, you lot made up for it this week… 16 got Man Yoo’s 3-0, 6 got the nil nil at Barnsley and 4 more got the one at Stoke. 6 got Chelsea 4 West Ham 1 5 got Norwich’s 1-3 at Huddersfield and 4 got the 3-2 nine pointer at WBA. Andy C, Jamie T, Pete B got the 2-3 between Birmingham and Everton, Dave C, Tony S, Catriona J got the same scoreline between Boro and The Toon and Andy C, Gareth M, Catriona J got Notts Co 2 AFC Bournemouth 2. Dave N & Danny A got Kilmarnock 0 Robbie Keane 3 and Richard H got Burnley 1 Wolves 2. Best correct score of the week? Step up Josh Hirst for Watford 0 Peterborough 1.
Bet of the Week:
Whooo! Whooo! The man bang in form came up trumps once again! Tony B correctly called 3 draws @ 34/1 and 3 aways @ 4/1 earning himself another £19 and more importantly, BotW spot prize 55th at least £21! Big up!

Table News:

“A solitary bird…”:
Tony Bowley stays top for a seventh week, now with an even more incredible 32 point lead over the new kid on the block, nine year old Josh H. Jazz S, obviously smarting from his Cup exit, moves ominously up to third.
“Is this what you get in amoral times?”:
Little Frankie Fernandez remains bottom but nowm12 points adrift of Howie T. Dave C climbs 1 place, 19 points away from the wooden spoon.
“Try and use your heart, not head”:
Highest climber this week, up a whopping 22 places, is Richard Hirst to 16th. Honourable mentions for Jamie S (+18), Tony S (+16), Pete B (+10), Paul J (+16) and Gareth M (+10)
“Used to burn, now no fire of life”:
Falling furthest this week, down a whopping 17 places, is Michelle Fernandez to 35th. Dishonourable mentions for Matt G (-8), Clare T (-8), Mark Sh (-8), Pab (-14), Dan P (-10), Shaun B (-9) and Jon T (-9)
Spot Prizers:
OK, if you finish on these positions at the end of Week Thirteen, you WILL win these prizes! Current incumbents are Jason M on 11th, Matt G on 12th, Jamie S on 13th, Debbie J on 17th, Clare T on 23rd, Paul H on 27th, Simon Lindq on 33rd, Dan P on 39th, Mr 2-0 on 42nd, Jon T on 50th, Dave C on 54th and Howard T on 55th.
PAS World Cup 2010:
In order to be invited to enter the PAS World Cup 2010 you will have to finish in the Top 32 after 13 weeks of play. Currently sneaking the last spot is… Simon Lindsay.
And Another Thing:
Our first PASer to make a national telly appearance alert! Get your Sky+ activated people! Over to you Jon Tofeili…

I’m gonna be on TV next Wednesday 17th (St Paddy’s Day) @ 4:30pm (BBC2) on a gameshow called POINTLESS!!!!!

For those who haven’t seen it, e.g. people who work, it’s a bit like Family Fortunes in reverse (you’ve got to get the answers that score the least points)

It was summit my ma wanted to do and I agreed to thinking we’d never get on :)

Don’t think I embarrassed myself too much but will await the inevitable pi** taking etc.

Try to refrain until you have at least seen it!!

This is my 15 mins :)

We tried to kit him out in a PAS hat, scarf and natty tee but Auntie Beeb wouldn’t have it…