L13 Spring 2010 : Week 4 – Roundup…

“Because dreams are made of this”:
Q: What’s worse – seeing three 90th minute goals deny you of 3 correct scores? Or seeing your missus do her scores under duress (“but you have to do PAS, it’s part of the family business – think about the message we’re sending out…”) and sweeping up the weekly prize despite doing her scores “off the top of her head” (“are Darlington any good?”)
A: ask Neil Templeton… and now me. Yep, spouse envy a-go-go at Casa Fernandez as Michelle Fernandez 35 (6) takes great pleasure in taking £20 from my grubby mitts…
“My camel looks so tired”:
Richard Hirst will have a slight grin on his face for reasons akin to above as Catriona Johnstone 11(0) limps in last this week
Correct Score of the Week:
Bobby blimmin’ Zamora… 14 got Toon 3 Preston 0, 5 got the Scunny – Watford two all, Dave C & Michelle F got Ipswich’s 0-1 at Sheff Wed, Ellen F & Savan A got Wigan 0 Sp*rs 3 and Paul J got the ’appy ’Ammers’ 3-0 v Hull. However, best correct score of the week, goes to Jon Tofeili for his “how did we all miss this one?!” Man City 0 Liverpool 0.
Bet of the Week:
The curse of the weekly winner continues as Neil M comes up well short on all three bets… Michelle F will be playing for BotW spot prize slot 13th (and herself of course!) in Week 5

Table News:

“It’s a game I treasure dear”:
Tony Bowley stays top for a fourth week, now with a very impressive 20 point lead over Jason M. Scott A falls to third.
“It’s hardly worth my while”:
Little Frankie Fernandez remains bottom now 11 points adrift of Howard T and Jon T.
“…greet you with a smile”:
Highest climber this week, up a whopping 22 places, is Michelle Fernandez to 22nd. Honourable mentions for Simon L (+11), Savan A (+12), Stephen S (+12), Ben H (+11) and Richard H (+15)
“…seek the helpless future”:
Falling furthest this week, down a whopping 15 places, is Sam Arora to 35th. Dishonourable mentions for Mark Sh (-10), Pab (-14), Julian F (-12), Tony S (-13), Olly O (-10) and Jamie T (-14)
Spot Prizers:
OK, if you finish on these positions at the end of Week Thirteen, you WILL win these prizes! Current incumbents are Andrew D on 11th, Martin S on 12th, Savan A on 13th, Matt G on 17th, Josh H on 23rd, Andy C on 27th, Gary B on 33rd, Rich L on 39th, Paul H on 42nd, Catriona J on 50th, Jon T on 54th and Howard T on 55th.
PAS World Cup 2010:
In order to be invited to enter the PAS World Cup 2010 you will have to finish in the Top 32 after 13 weeks of play. Currently sneaking the last spot is… Ben McKeown.
And Another Thing:
To confirm – a top 32 finish grants you an invitation to play in this summer’s PAS World Cup ’10 – entry fee will be £10 for the whole tournament and you will be “drawn” a team whose goals will add points to your total throughout the competition. Any other players who want to get involved will be asked for £15 senza any chance of bonus points via World Cup goals…


I’ve come across the desert
To greet you with a smile
My camel looks so tired
It’s hardly worth my while
To tell you of my travels
Across the golden East
I see your preparations
Invite me first to feast
Take me I’m yours
Because dreams are made of this
Forever there’ll be
A heaven in your kiss

Amusing belly dancers
Distract me from my wine
Across Tibetan mountains
Are memories of mine
I’ve stood some ghostly moments
With natives in the hills
Recorded here on paper
My chills and thrills and spills

It’s really been some welcome
You never seem to change
A grape to tempt your leisure
Romantic gestures strange
My eagle flies tomorrow
It’s a game I treasure dear
To seek the helpless future
My love at last I’m here