L13 Winter 2009 : Week 11 – Roundup…

“ecstatic there it is”:
There it is indeed! Out first “double” winners of the season see Jo Lowe & Neil Birchall 37 (5) share the spoils to the tune of £10 each – no doubt Jo will be buying the Man City v Chelsea DVD and Neil won’t be buying that Sp*rs v Wigan one. Pies all round again then Neil??!
“and the eyes go teary, the mind grow weary”:
I’ve little cheer and nuffin’ to shout about this season (check the table – *groan*) so I’ll take any ray of sunshine even if it’s at the expense of a Sp*rs fan. Gareth Morgan 9(0) – ha!
Correct Score of the Week:
This season, I particularly hate doing this bit… 9 got Rochdale 3 Macc 0, 7 got the 3-0 at Villa Park, the 1-3 for Rangers and Man City (!), 6 got Walsall 1 Soton 3, Scunny 0, 5 got Celtic 3 Aberdeen 0 and 5 got Everton 2 Spurs 2. Neil B & Dan P got the 0-4 at the Boelyn, Mark McD got 5 points for the Bristol City – Ipswich stalemate and Francesca F rolled her dice and bagged Blackburn 0 Liverpool 0. This weeks best correct score goes to Dave Nicklin for his 9 pointer score of Dundee Utd 3 St Mirren 2
Bet of the Week:
Very very close again! Olly missed his 7 homes thanks to MK Dons having a ‘mare v Yeovil and his 3 draws thanks to WBA failing to hold out for 30 seconds after going 2-1 up at Derby in added-on time – grrrrrr! This means spot prize slot 23 will reward nada – so don’t end up there on the final table!

Table News:

“my presence speak volumes…”:
Oooh the nerves will kick in now… Neil Meredith has a 6 point lead over ever improving Jazz S in second (has he timed it right? Will he win his own trophy??!). Will O and Rich L are both in with a fighting chance too…
“I don’t understand it, on another planet?”:
Oooh no nerves will kick in now… Paul Jenner is now being 19 points adrift and looking very much like a wooden spoon winner. Just above him are Scott A, your truly and Wayne C in a battle royale not to get dragged down if Mr Jenner starts scoring big!
“and the sun bust through the clouds…”:
Highest climber this week is Jo Lowe up a whopping 19 places to 38th. Honourable mentions for Mark J B (+10), Neil B (+18), Lisa G (+10), Vim G (+11), Mr 2-0 (+12) and Mark McD (+13)
“shocked a small act could knock a giant lopsided”:
Falling furthest this week are Gareth Morgan & Julian Fernandez down 17 places to 32nd & 61st respectively – dishonourable mentions for Frankie F (-12), Catriona J (-11), Richard H (-12) and Mark Sh (-16)
Spot Prizers:
OK, if you finish on these positions at the end of Week 13, you WILL win these prizes! Mark D-S-C is on the promos at 11th(-6), Shaun B is at 13th (+4), Olly O is at 17th (+2), Mark Se is on the BotW 23rd (non mover), Danny B is at 27th (-3), Simon L is at 33rd (+8), Vim G is on the BotW 42nd (+11), Mr 2-0 is at 44th (+12), Mark G is at 52nd (+8), Savan A is at 57th (-6), John McS is on the BotW 65th (non mover), Gary B is at 67th (-1) and Scott A is at 70th (-2)
PAS Cup 2010:
In order to be invited to enter the PAS Cup 2010 you will have to finish in the Top 32 after 13 weeks of play. Currently sneaking the last spot is Gareth Morgan.
And Another Thing:
The famous PAS Poll is coming your way – have a look, a little think and get involved!!