L13 Winter 2009 : Week 6 – Roundup…

“…making plenty cash”:
He seems to mirror the form of his beloved Forest and at the moment Tony Bowley 33(6) is in a rich vein of it! Congrats Mr B, at least £20 on its way to you to spend on a corner flag to taunt Derby fans with then…
“…a dose of thrush you got while you were licking railings”:
For most of us another shocking week – especially shocking for Dan Pelgrom & Rich Graeme 9(0)
Correct Score of the Week:
Damn that lino at OT… 23 got Celtic 3 Kilmarnock 0, Pete B / Gareth M / Andy C got Sunderland 2 West Ham 2, Vim G and Mark McD can thank Didier for Chelski’s 0-4, Danny B and Ben McK got the two-two at the Orient and Shaun B & Richard H got St Johnstone 3 Falkirk 1. Oh, and Dave N selected Stoke 2 Wolves 2. However, this week’s best correct score goes to Andy Chesworth for his wise and very obvious Arsenal 3 Sp*rs 0!
Bet of the Week:
Another wipe out and Paddy Power mocks our pathetic efforts thus far… next up is Tony B playing to win cash for himself and BotW spot prize slot 65.

Table News:

“Dreaming of anything…”:
In a superb display of front running, Rich Lee stays top for the 6 consecutive week and now has 6 point gap to Andy C who in turn is 3 points ahead of Stephen S…
“In the mud, on your knees…”:
The battle of the bottom continues “toing” and “froing” with Rich Graeme back down to 71st and 4 points adrift of Dave N…
“…hope that they will see”:
Highest climber this week is (quelle surprise!) Tony Bowley up a whopping 23 places to 11th. Honourable mentions for Andy C (+13), Will O (+19), Dave C (+17) Danny A (+14) and Pete B (+13)
“…hide your shame from all those prying eyes”:
Falling furthest this week is Mark De-Ste-Croix down 16 places to 44th – dishonourable mentions for Matt W (-12), Michelle F (-15), Julian F (-14), Jamie S (-13) and Dan P (-15)
Spot Prizers:
OK, if you finish on these positions at the end of Week 13, you WILL win these prizes! Tony B is on the promos at 11th(+23), Jon T is at 13th (+1), Mark Se is at 17th (-6), Francesca F is on the BotW 23rd (+8), Julian F is at 27th (-14), Simon L is at 33rd (+4), Savan A is on the BotW 42nd (-10), Mark De S C is at 44th (-16), Ben H is at 52nd (-2), Gary B is at 57th (+5), Scott A is on the BotW 65th (-1), Olly O is at 67th (non mover) and Dave N is at 70th (+1)
PAS Cup 2010:
In order to be invited to enter the PAS Cup 2010 you will have to finish in the Top 32 after 13 weeks of play. Currently sneaking the last spot is Jamie Sellers.
And Another Thing:
Did you see those “ladies” at Burnley on MOTD 2? God luv ’em…