L13 Winter 2009 : Week 3 – Meltdown…

In a season already blighted by IT issues, the worst scenario has now happened – the PAS nerve centre has blown up and all appears to be lost (boo hoo!). Last night, I was all ready to abandon this season and just cry and beat the floor with my fists (after the PC natch), but as one stalwart said, “surely if you’ve saved all your sent emails you can piece it all back together?”

The good news is that I do indeed have all my sent emails saved so I can reclaim all the bits I need to put it back together (never trust memory sticks for too long mi amigos!) but it may take some time as this weekend I’m away (DJing tonight and back down in Ldn for the weekend tomorrow).

So… bear with me please, Week 3 result/table will be late (I’ll try and determine the winner so they can do the BotW) but if we press on with Week 4 I should be able to catch up pretty soon…

Apologies for our ineptitude, lessons have been learned (or is it learnt? don’t remember learning that..)