L13 Winter 2009 : Week 2 – Roundup…

“Wanna Kiss Myself…”:
very low scoring week thanks to more random scorelines over the weekend. Rich L was up there again as was Michelle F and her bruvver Danny A (have fun on your US tour!) but king of the week this week is Martin Stafford 29 (5). Well done Martin, £20 to go and treat your Wigan pal to that pudding & pea-wet nonsense…oh, and a can of Coke!
“…in other words, sucker”:
Last week’s worst scorer ended up having a baby (that’s how bad the pain is! Congrats to Clare T & Neil T – we expect lil Lily to be playing PAS next season!) so let’s hope the same fate doesn’t befall Ben McKeown (sort’ve might but it’d be really early) Dave Crisp (no chance, he’d have to sell his scooter) and Francesca Fernandez 9(0) (don’t even go there…)
Correct Score of the Week:
Bleak week – 4 got Bolton 2 Spurs 2 and 4 got West Ham 2 Fulham 2. Best score this weeks is shared by Rich Lee & Mark J Brown for their outrageous punt on Wolves 0 Portsmouth 1
Bet of the Week:
Seems like Rich L wants to keep all his correct results all to himself even though he could’ve earend out of it! All three bets fell woefully short so spot prize slot 23 has the grand total of £0 after one of its four goes. Martin S will be playing for spot prize slot 42 and, of course, himself this week…

Table News:

Rich Lee opens up an 8 point lead at the top from Greg E in second – Danny A & Jamie S share third spot
Howard Thomas slips to the bottom 4 points away from Dave C
Highest climber this week is (clue Cilla) Martin Stafford up a whopping 45 places to 14th. Honourable mentions for Anders H (+23), Michelle F (+26), Anthony Y (+22), Mark J B (+29) and Tony B (+33)
Falling furthest this week is Ben McKeown down 37 places to 54th – dishonourable mentions for Louise B (-19), Paul J (-22), Nick H (-32), Dave N (-18), matt D (-20), Vim G (-23), Francesca F (-27) and Dave C (-23)
Spot Prizers:
OK, if you finish on these positions at the end of Week 13, you WILL win these prizes! Mark F is on the promos at 11th(-3), Jon T is at 13th (+2), Mark De S C is at 17th (+2), Neil M is on the BotW 23rd (+7), Stephen P is at 27th (+8), Andrew D is at 33rd (-10), Mark G is on the BotW 42nd (+15), Neil B is at 44th (+17), Nick H is at 52nd (-32), Jo L is at 57th (-5), Rich G is on the BotW 65th (-3), Vim G is at 67th (-23) and Dave C is at 70th (-23)
PAS Cup 2010:
In order to be invited to enter the PAS Cup 2010 you will have to finish in the Top 32 after 13 weeks of play. Currently sneaking the last spot is Stephen Street.
And Another Thing:
It’s August, Hmmmm, I know, buy West Ham and sell Arsenal – could I have got it any more wrong??!

Please be aware that Week 3 is International Week and it goes on to the Wednesday (how exciting!) AND if you miss submitting scores for the Saturday games you CANNOT then submit scores for the Wednesday games!