L13 Winter 2009 : Week 1 – Roundup…

“Raise Your Hand If You Think You Understand…”:
It’s as if the world of football waited for PAS to start before totally random free-scoring matches became the norm – typical… However, Rich Lee 35 (4) is all for random free-scoring matches as one in particular (see below) propelled him to the first weekly prize of £20. Well done Ricardo, you may be collecting a little bit more too if you take to the new BotW format with the same aplomb…

“…Raise Your Standards If You Don’t!”:
She’s probably got back pain, weird cravings, having to go to wee every five minutes and knackered, but now soon-to-be-mum Clare Templeton 11(0) has the added burden of ignominy for finishing bottom of the pile this week.
Correct Score of the Week:
Fourteen got the stalemate at Falkirk, ten got Top Four finishing Man City’s 3-1 against WHam, six got Coventry’s great escape v Boro, five got the opening match “Desmond” between Scunny & Donny, Catriona J / Jon T / Gary B got Blackburn’s surprise win v Villa, Scott A / Mark F / Moi got the lovely 9 pointer that was Rochdale 4 Hereford 1 and Ben McK got Hibs 1-3 at Motherwell. But this week’s (and I reckon Correct Score of the Season already!) Best Correct Score goes to Week One winner Rich Lee for his very impressive guess of Liverpool 6 Hull City 1
Bet of the Week:
Rich Lee will be taking the challenge of winning himself and some lucky “spot prize” finishers some cash. As you can see from my attempt this week it can all go horribly wrong…
Table News:
1st table of the season coming soon…
PASCup 2010:
In order to be invited to enter the PAS Cup 2010 you will have to finish in the Top 32 after 13 weeks of play. Currently sneaking the last spot is Shaun Backhouse.
And Another Thing:
Please send your scoresheets back as a “.doc” as our complex matrix just won’t stoop to vile little “.wps” “.docx” or any other un-Word files – also, remember if you’re not around for future weeks play, you can request “upfront” scoresheets so you don’t have to rely on Mr 2-0 to do your scoring…