L13 Winter 2009 : The new format!

As you may well know, we always ask the Weekly Winner to share his or her football predicting knowledge to help us bash up the bookie in the following week.

This has had varying success. Well, actually it’s had little or no success (bar Dave Nicklin once netting a healthy 8 game accumulator!) and the participants kinda dawdled into it with no real conviction.

We plan to change that.

This season we will take £39 from the kitty and allocate £3 a week to the previous week’s winner to place 3 £1 bets (to be placed by a PAS drone that I can trust. Dave? Is that work experience scally alright to pop over to Fred’s?)

These bets will be a 7 homes accumulator, a draw treble and an away win treble.

Any profit made from these bets will be split accordingly:

  • Half of the profit will go to Weekly Winner who selected the bets
  • Half will go to one of 3 “spot prize” slots (this means each “spot prize” slot will have 4 chances to build up it’s value although if the bets crash out, they could end up as £0!)

Good eh?!

So, it means the weekly winners will now have to take their responsibilities a bit more seriously, after all, they could earn some serious wedge out of it if all the selections come in!

Pabby Power