L13 Spring 2009 : Week 13 – Roundup…

Hollywood Final:
Obviously the season for multiple weekly wins this season – our QPR friend Rob Hathorn 45(7) collects his second of the season just nicking past Danny A in the final week to claim the last £20 – congrats Rob, you might wanna wave it in the face of the young man below…
93rd Minute Misery:
If Chelsea being dealt injustice after injustice wasn’t enough, we got a Spurs fan running in the last worst score of the week! Gareth Morgan 12 (0) has managed to get the score no one wants especially on the last week – bless.
Correct Score of the Week:
No one got the 4-2… Fifteen got THE MOST OBVIOUS 0-0 involving Wigan and Bolton. Eight got Liverpool 3 Newcastle 0, seven got Celtic’s 1-3 at Aberdeen and seven more got Man City’s Europa League encouraging 3-1 v Blackburn. Four got Arsenal’s 3-0 at Pompey, Olly O & Matt G got the quite unbelievable Port Vale 1-2 away win and Jamies T & S and Jon A got Forest 3 Southampton 1. Danny A got Chelsea 3 Fulham 1, Tony B got a cool 8 points from the Palace – Sheff U stalemate and Louise B got Watford 3 Derby 1.This week’s Best Correct Score award goes to Jazz Sian for his inspired (nee jammy) Burnley 4 Bristol City 0.
Bet of the Week:
One treble came in (well done Rich L!) and one treble didn’t (unlucky Tony B!) so we gained a fiver to take the overall season balance to minus £20. Ahh well, exciting new format to look forward to next season that should ensure this particular feature is taken VERY seriously next season!

Table News:

Ooooh it’s gone to the wire but in Saturday reality talent show tradition, we like to milk the suspense, so you’ll have to wait a bit longer for the full lowdown – only right it gets the top billing it deserves (read: this weekend. I’m out and about til then and still a bit peed off about Tuesday – bah!)

PAS Cup:
We still have the Cup Final to be decided between Jazz Sian & Lisa Grey – you will receive updates and results cos I know you luv it!
And Another Thing:
RVP on the goal minute spread still didn’t really soften the blow…