L13 Spring 2009 : Week 13 BotW

Final Bet of the Week (the last in this format – look out for exciting feature next season!) is a two pronged attack to try and get us into the black…

First up – Rich Lee…

my first win for ages, was considering retiring myself as I’ve been so crap. Pab you would have been proud, you got a mention in the end of season awards ’taxi’ category last night for that Berbatovesk penalty of yours, unfort you weren’t the winner.

Re bet, could go silly with a Tranmere away victory or safer with 3 homes: Tottenham, Chelsea, Liverpool

Safe to say he chose not to go with the Wools option and backed the treble @ 2/1

Result: WIN!

Next, Tony Bowley…

Can I offer a championship alternative for those who like the man’s version of the game? (for man’s substitute “poor”).

Reading to beat Birmingham(c’mon you Royals!).

Palace to draw with the Blades. (Warnock’s revenge).

Canaries to fall of the perch at the Valley. Charlton Norwich draw.

Could just as easily go the other way but that’s why we love it!

And the tricky trees are rebuilding under King Billy, get your cheque book out Doughty, so the good times are rolling back across the City Ground. Promised land here we come!

26/1 for that triptych – fingers crossed…

Result: LOSE -£20.00