L13 Spring 2009 : Week 8 – Roundup…

Wor Alan:
Whoah! Where did that come from?? Shhhurely an April’s Fool! But no! Dave Crisp 60 (10) really did record the second highest weekly score ever (and from a man who can get the lowest weekly score too! In the same season! Dontcha just luv PAS?!) A proper “feast” of an international week saw several players record scores of over 40 without a sniff of the £20 – and spare a (small) thought for Shaun B who got 53 points… Well done Crispy, that’s paid for half your ticket when we go to Anfield to scupper another title dream in that ’89 kit…
Hardly a “poor” score but Julian Fernandez 17 (0) managed to end up bottom of the pile this week and at the same time bring the family name into disrepute.
Correct Score of the Week:
EVERYONE had a piece of the action (well, nearly everyone..)
Five of us got THE MOST OBVIOUS 0-0 involving Slovenia and Czech Rep, 12 got 8 points from Germany v Liechtenstein and another 9 got 8 points from Holland – Macedonia – four others chipped in for a bonus by nailing Portugal 0 Sweden 0. Eleven got Malta 0 Denmark 3, 6 got Holland’s 3-0 v Scotland, 4 got the Danes 2nd 3-0 victory and 4 managed to get the historic Czech Rep 1 Slovakia 2 scoreline. Gareth M & Will O got the one-one between Italy & Ireland but this week’s Best Correct Score goes to Mark Seels for his Armenia 2 Estonia 2 (mostly cos it was unique!)
Bet of the Week:
Rob Hathorn’s British/Irish/Iberian acca fell foul thanks to Ireland and Portugal (typical!), so now we’re £35 down and looking to Mr Crisp to come up with a Red Rum..

Table News:

Professor Booty:
Jamie Tofeili stays in top spot now with a 10 points led over Jason M – Dave C is a further 7 points behind in 3rd
“..dictionary definition of the word spastic”:
He’s off the bottom! Anders H now looks down at our ’Appy ’Ammer Matt Worsfold via four whole points and two big places.
Like two sealed copies of “Expansions”:
Highest climbers this week are Shaun Backhouse & Dave Nicklin up 11 places to 7th & 19th respectively. Honourable mentions for Gareth M (+10) and Danny A (+7)
“Dancin’ around like you think you’re Janet Jackson”:
Falling furthest this week is Dan Pelgrom down 11 places to 28th – dishonourable mentions for Louise B (-8), Julian F (-9) and Ciaran McG (-7)
Spot Prizers:
OK, if you finish on these positions at the end of Week 13, you WILL win these prizes! Gareth M is on the promos at 11th(+10), Sean P is at 13th (-3), and Matt G is on 33rd (+1)
Other Stuff:
Danny A deserves a mention for getting an amazing 23 out of 30 results right this week – let’s hope he had a few lines on at the bookies…
And Another Thing:
David Pleat – co-commentator. Why? I did hear that description of Ukraine’s Kurt Cobain correctly didn’t I ??!