L13 Spring 2009 : Week 5 Roundup…

Biz Lats:
From the ridiculous to the sublime in a matter of weeks, my ol’ mucker Dave Crisp 53 (8) has managed to banish the memory of his 4 points to whisk away the £20 prize. Well done Crispy, that’s a big prize in your hands…
Spook Street:
Mr 2-0 and his merry band of followers felt the pain this week – 16 (1). We like it when that happens!
Correct Score of the Week:
“ou est les zero-zeros…?” Ten got THE MOST OBVIOUS 0-0 at AFC Bournemouth, 6 got QPR 0 Sheff U 0 and Dave C got the eight pointer @ Rotherham v Brentford. 8 got the lovely little 4-0 at Leicester, 7 got the beautiful 3-0 at Arsenal and 4 of us unbelievably got the bonus points behemoth at The Valley. Gareth M got the Desmond @ Plymouth and Jon A got a spectacular 5-1 at Ibrox. And yet he still didn’t usurp his own Best Correct Score of the Week/Season because Neil Templeton somehow managed to predict St Mirren 1 Celtic 0. Amazing!
Bet of the Week:
Tony Smith went all sensible with a double and up pops Diego Forlan to scupper us & Real Madrid – £20.00 down now, looking to Mr Crisp to salt us out…

Table News:

Dave Crisp jumps up 4 places and opens up a 10 point gap from Jason M in second – Jamie T now finds himself 14 points off the top…
Will Oppong is still rooted to the bottom staring longingly up at Matt W 13 points above…
Highest climber this week is Greg Edwards up 16 places to 17th. Honourable mentions for Olly O (+13), Jazz S (+13) and Mark J B (+12)
Falling furthest this week is Francesca Fernandez down 18 places to 24th – dishonourable mentions for Sam A (-10), Clare T (-11), Ben H (-10) and Matt D (-11)
Spot Prizers:
OK, if you finish on these positions at the end of Week 13, you WILL win these prizes! Sean P is on the promos at 11th(-8), Jazz S is at 13th (+13), and Ben H is on 33rd (-11)
PAS Cup:
Semi Finals are on 18/19 April – all guaranteed £25!
Other Stuff:
The blanket scoring and 0-0 mania seems to have calmed down this week – cool! We are making a ruling on 0-0 at the end of the season, so PLEASE complete the survey we sent round last week as we need your feedback and thoughts on this!
And Another Thing:
As of Week 6, my scores will be sent to a different individual each week rather than mailed “to all”… And if you’re wondering how a baby completes a scoresheet each week, she doesn’t, her mum/nan does it for her (but once she can hold and throw some dice we’ll be using that technique!)