L13 Spring 2009 : Week 3 – Roundup…

He’s a Croydon Sunday league legend and now he has his name in the hallowed hall of fame of PAS weekly winners – John McSherry 29 (4) topped one of the worst collective scoring weeks in living memory (you’re all getting suckered into the zero – zeros aren’t you? hmmm? tut tut!). Well done Johnny boy, now make sure you buy your mum some flowers with your winnings…
OMG! I thought last week was bad but we officially have the joint worst weekly score ever in 20 years – hang your head in shame just like Dave C – Will Oppong 4(0)
Correct Score of the Week:
2-2 madness this week… Fourteen got THE MOST OBVIOUS 0-0 at Boro, 15 got Rangers 3-1 and six got Swansea’s 5 pointer. Mark Sh & John McS got Derby’s derby victory at the City Ground, Lisa G got Stoke 2 Pompey 2, Jamies’ S & T and Frankie F struck 8 points with Barnsley 0 Charlton 0, Olly O got 5 points from Plymouth 2 Sheff U 2, Sam A got a right result for Orient at Hartlepool, Gareth M got Aberdeen 2 Dundee U 2 and John McS / Mark Sh / Olly O got Wolves 2 Cardiff 2. However, best correct score of the week goes to Mark Seels for his Motherwell 1 Celtic 1.
Bet of the Week:
It was split between Jamie T and Jon A and both came up with a loser – ho hum. We’re now £10 down and looking to John McSherry to dig deep into his pocket of predictions and pull out a plum.

Table News:

Jason Morris swaps places at the summit with Sean P to lead a very tight table by 2 points
Will Oppong remains bottom a w(h)opping (geddit?!) 16 points adrift already from Matt G
Up up up!:
Highest climber this week is John McSherry up 19 places to 15th. Honourable mentions for Olly O (+11), Mark J B (+12), Gareth M (+15) and Mark Se (+15)
Down down:
Falling furthest this week are Jazz Sian / Tony Bowley both down 13 places to 30th 7 36th respectively – dishonourable mentions for Clare T (-12), Matt D (-12) and Matt W (-11)
Spot Prizers:
OK, if you finish on these positions at the end of Week 13, you WILL win these prizes! Paul H is on the promos at 11th(+4), Neil T is at 13th (-7), and Nick H is on 33rd (+8)
Other Stuff:
Shaw Taylor always asked us to “keep ’em peeled” and we’ve never forgotten that here at PAS Towers. Nil-nil abusers! You’re being monitored! Beware – if it continues, expect a tap on the shoulder and a polite “f*ck off” very soon…
And Another Thing:
I’m in the proverbial hole on the spreads thanks to Arsenal and Boro being completely poo this season – can anyone help out with a Plan B??! Pleeeeese! I might have to sell my baby…