L13 Spring 2009 : Week 1 – Update…

Dear all,

Week 1 result and table will be with you tomorrow – promise!

Please find attached Week 2 scoresheet – back to me by Saturday “Blondie” time (that’s 11.59 kids…)

I’m in Edinburgh on Friday so the last “reminder” will go out tomorrow night – I’ll be back to normal service in time for PAS Cup 2nd round – fear not, I know how you love your inbox being filled with hassling emails…

Couple of things to note:

  • please try and send your scores on a Word doc where possible – it’s a right pain in any other format!
  • there are a few outstanding payments as usual – I’ll need the actual payment or definite confirmation you are actually playing by next Monday otherwise I’ll have to drop you from the game (it’s holding up the prize money slots for one thing…)

Thanks for your patience – did you all get the PAS Poll email? I think it got through!