L13 Spring 2009 : Week 1 – Roundup…

In Like Flynn:
He’s part of that sinister syndicate that devolved last season to come and take our money in a five pronged attack (they did!). Sean Peers 46 (8) gets the 20 year anniversary season off to a flyer and takes the first £20 out of our collective pocket – who will stop this relentless march? Jazz? Come back mate, all is forgiven…
Doing The Dino:
He’s a baby! He’s a baby! Actually he isn’t, he just works with them… Will Oppong 5(0) managed to act like his clientele and record one of the lowest scores ever to get the 20 year season off to non-flyer!
Correct Score of the Week:
How many 0-0s??! A splendid week for good guesses – Eleven got THE MOST OBVIOUS 0-0 at Boro, five got the 3-1 at Molineux, 4 got the 2-2 at Hull (impressive bridge that Humber!), Jason M/Olly O/Matt W got poor Stoke’s 1-0 win over rich Citeh, Julian F & Jon A got Wigan’s charmed 0-0 at Villa, Sean P & Jason M (see! They’re working together I tell you!!) got QPR 0 Reading 0, Jon T got the 8 points at PNE, Clare T got 8 points from Ipswich and Jamie S got 8 points from the drivel served up at Ashburton Grove. Oh, and Olly O got Fulham 3 Pompey 1. However, best correct score of the week goes to my clever little girl! Francesca Fernandez with Inverness 0 Celtic 0 (Will, she’s 6 months old and managed to get more points in one game that all your 30!)
Bet of the Week:
Well we didn’t lose… Probably cos there was no bet – yeah, that’ll be it… First up will be Sean P – furnish us with some winnings please Sean!
Table News:
See Week 1 table
Other Stuff:
If you haven’t paid up yet – please do! It’s getting boring…
And Another Thing:
The annual PAS Poll is now live on the webpage – have a peek yourself and spread the news!