Spring Cup 2009 : Round 1 Results

We’re off! And I got through – yay! (sorry Matt!)

Highest score:
Pab 34 (5)
Highest score without joker:
Pab / Danny Ashworth 33 (5)
Lowest score:
Clare Templeton 14 (0)
Lowest winning score:
Ciaran McGoldrick 19 (2)
Highest losing score:
Neil Templeton 33(4)

Of the 3 players that decided not/forgot to play a joker, only Dave N got through

Neil T has every right to feel gutted and Clare T will just feel, well, gutted!

Really good standard as one correct score worth of points could have changed ties btwn Danny A v Neil T / Pab v Matt G / Lisa G v Mark S / Jon A v Dave C / Jamie S v Nick H / Jason M v Scott A / Dave N v Richard L / Julian F v Ciaran McG

Next round is on Valentines weekend – it could be bloody…