L13 Winter 2008 : Week 13 Roundup

Congrats to Richard Hirst – Lucky 13 Winter 2008 champion! Richard came in 8 points clear and now has the 2nd greatest winning score ever to add into the Hall of Fame. A fine win Tricky, I hope your “consortium” are proud of you!

Jon Allin made a late charge and managed to finish a very respectable 2nd winning £205.00 to boot! Long time leader Jason Morris should be happy with his third place finish, Jamie Sellers makes his highest finish for years in 4th and bruv-in-law Danny Ashworth made £100 this season by finishing 5th.

Mark Seels was the third part of the “consortium” to get a Top Ten finish in 6th (they’re trying to take over kids!) and Greg Edwards surely has me to thank for finishing 7th (I gotcha Greggy!) – Louise Briggs finished “Top Girl” in 8th and joins boyf Danny in the Top Ten (happy house!). Jazz Sian adds to his astounding pile of PAS cash in 9th and brand new boys Rob Hathorn & Sean Peers couldn’t be split in 10th so share the cash and the promos (no fighting over the Cage The Elephant CDs boys!)

Well done to all – it was a very high standard this year – long may it continue!

Spot Prizers:
  • 12th – happy nuptials continue for Neil Templeton
  • 17th – looks like missing that week (12) has helped John McSherry
  • 27th – Dennis McDowell decided to leave most of it to Mr 2-0 and it paid off!
  • 31st – my old mucker Dave Crisp will be over the moon x2 cos all he wanted for Christmas was Cup place!
  • 33rd – welcome home from Japan Wayne Connolly you’re not quite a world champion but you’re a winner!
  • 42nd – I’m sure PAS CEO Dave Nicklin will plough his winnings back into our R&D funds?
  • 52nd – some cheer for Spurs fan and original original PASer John Williamson
  • 57th – our very own “security” Howard Thomas recoups!
  • 65th – the “big one” for the “losers”…Mark Fawke will no doubt be treating his internet dates to at least an egg nog this Christmas
  • 72nd – oh the similarities! near the bottom and money to spend – Matt Davies will probably make a better fist of it than Sparky though
Cup 2009:
to qualify for invitation to the PAS Cup 2009 you will have to have finished above Jamie Tofeili – let the taunting of Jon begin!
The Wooden Spoon:
Danielle Fleming, my little niece! Don’t think I’ll forget to hand this over in the New Year – you spanner!
Other Stuff:
All monies will be paid very soon – I will hold back next year’s entry fee unless you want opt out – let me know!
And Another Thing:
The annual PAS Poll is with you – loads of entries sent back – muchos gracias! If you haven’t already, you’ve got a day!

Thanks for taking part this season – a pleasure as always (although winning some money makes it all the sweeter!) – if haven’t made the Cup, please come back in September – I’ll be in touch!

Merry Christmas!