L13 Winter 2008 : Week 13 Result

Hallelujah (FACT 260):
He enjoyed the thought of spending money on a Ho so much, he decided to win some more! Jon Allin 39 (6) gets another £20 to add to his considerable money haul this season…
Hallelujah (88697446252):
Ahhhhh leave her alone, she’s only 5 months old! Frankie Fernandez 10 (0) returns to form after punching above her weight for 12 weeks…
Correct Score of the Week:
Thirteen got Celtic, four got the 2-2 at Bramall Lane, Richard H & John McS got Reading’s 1-3 at Birmingham, Michael G & Ciaran McG got the Coventry v Ipswich result, Dave T & Will O got Aberdeen’s romp at Inverness, Karl C(!) & Jamie S got West Brom’s win over Man City and Matt G had a great shout with QPR 3 PNE 2…but, Jon Allin capped a fine week and season by claiming the Best Correct Score of the Season with his Hull City 1 Sunderland 4 (bet you’re loving the Lord of Frodsham eh?!)
Bet of the Week:
One thing Jon A couldn’t do though was pick us some winners! We finish the season £18.10 down – not bad considering we only had two winners I spose – ahh well roll on 2009…