L13 Winter 2008 : Week 10 Roundup

There’ll be dancing in the streets of Stalybridge for a second week running as Louise Briggs 48(7) is this week’s winner of the £20 prize. Well done Louise, should make up for the derby defeat eh?!
There’ll be dancing in the house of Grey for a second week too as Week 8 winner Lisa will no doubt be doing the Jig of Schadenfreude at the news of Mark Grey 11(0) hitting rock bottom this week. Only adds to the derby defeat eh Marky?!
Correct Score of the Week:
Seventeen(!!) got Reading 3 Coventry 1, eleven got Millwall 3 Aldershot 0, nine got Charlton 0 Southampton 0 (how??!), eight got Middlesbro 0 Newcastle 0, six got Swansea 2 Cardiff 2 and a famous five got Chelsea 1 Arsenal 2. Greg E/Julian F/Neil B/Jon A got Liverpool 0 West Ham 0, Nick H/Anthony Y/Matt G got Burnley 3 Derby 0, Martin S & Dave McS got Palace 0 QPR 0, Rich L got Hearts 2 Rangers 1, Bev M got Sheff Wed 3 Norwich 2 and Louise B got Pompey 3 Blackburn 2. This week’s best correct score goes to Dave McSherry for his eight pointer Villa 0 Fulham 0
Bet of the Week:
We’re now £40.60 down – Danny A’s Scottish venture crashed & burned at the first hurdle at Tynecastle. We’re officially in trouble (well, if you’ve been following ti like me!) with 3 weeks to go, so we need Louise B to make amends for her other half’s failings…

Table News:

Proper bun fight at the top now as Jason M’s seemingly unassailable lead has been sailed in by Richard Hirst, who now tops the pile by 1 correct score. Jon A and Jamie S are doing their level best to hang on to the Top Twos coat tails…
Matt Davies remains bottom eight points behind Danielle F and 11 from Mark McD – the rubbish monkeys!
Highest climber this week is Louise Briggs up 28 places to 9th. Honourable mentions for El Presidente (+15), Scott A (+16), Paul H (+20) and Michelle F (+16)
Falling furthest this week are Stephen Street & Anthony Latter down 18 places to 39th & 45th respectively – dishonourable mentions for Mark G (-12), Dan C (-11), Dennis McD (-11) and Simon L (-12)
Spot Prizers:
OK, if you finish on these positions at the end of Week 13, you WILL win these prizes! Sean P is on the promos at 11th(-2), Nick H is at 12th (non mover), Tim B on 17th(-1), Olly O is at 27th (+2), Matt G is at 31st(+9), Paul H is at 33rd (+20), Dan R is at 42nd(-8), Seb A is at 52nd(+5), Jon T is at 57th(-1), Dave T is where you wanna be if you’re a loser, on 65th(-3) and Danielle F is at 72nd(-2)
Cup 2009:
To qualify for invitation to the PAS Cup 2009 you will have to finish here at the end of Week 13 – current resident is Shaun B (+3)

Other Stuff:

Q: What are the “promos” all about?
A: Finish 11th and you’ll receive a bag of promos generously sent into PAS Towers from record execs desperately trying to get in on the action… if you hover your cursor over the “promos” box on the table you’ll see a pop-up box listing the aural delights you may very well win!
And Another Thing:
The annual PAS Poll is coming – get ready to get involved!