L13 Winter 2008 : Week 7 Roundup

As a supporter of the Britain’s richest club, Jamie Sellers 38(7) may consider a score to be mere schrapnel but he’ll be happy nonetheless that he edged out Wayne C by a point to win this weeks prize. Oh Wayne, if only Utd had won at Arsenal.
On the other side of a miserable Manchester Matt Davies 11(0) managed to clamber to last yet again for a second week running but at least he didn’t make it to the game on Sunday – a saving grace!
Correct Score of the Week:
Right, ready? 22 got Liverpool, 8 got Reading, 6 got Arsenal (no, not me), 5 got Norwich and 5 got Swansea – Jon A &Matt G got an 8 pointer at Wigan and Mark S &Jon A (again) got a 5 pointer at Plymouth – Mark G got Boro’s fine win at Villa (can you tell who I’ve got in the spreads?) but this weeks best correct score goes to Paul Jenner for his West Ham 1 Everton 3
Bet of the Week:
£25.60 down – I’m sorry! I was in a hurry! Big apologies for one of the worst set of selections ever – Jamie S will see us right next week, right Jamie?!

Table News:

You Are Pure, You Are Snow:
Staying top of the pile, Jason Morris increases his lead over Jazz S in 2nd to 7 points. However, Jamie S and Richard H have reeled them in to make it a competitive Top Four. Neil T sails off on honeymoon to the Southern hemisphere bridging the gap from the rest of the Top Ten (six of which have now gone over the 200 point mark)
Mark S is off the bottom leaving a hapless Matt Davies there in his place. It’s shaping up to be an interesting battle to get to 65th as only 10 points separates the places.
Everybody Loves Me:
Highest climber this week is Utd exile in London Seb Almond, up 12 places to 45th. I’m sure he’s overjoyed! Honourable mentions for Howard T (+11) – Eagles!, Matt G (+10) – that another fiver you owe me Matty?, Danny A (+11) – good babysitting skills! and Wayne C (+11) – chin up, you’ll still win the league!
We Are The Usless Sl*ts:
Falling furthest this week is Paul Henshaw down 8 places to 57th – dishonourable mention also for John McS (-7)
Boredom &Despair:
OK, if you finish on these positions at the end of Week 13, you win these prizes! Dave C is on the promos at 11th(+7), Dan R is at 12th(-4), Rob H on 17th(+7), Shaun B is at 27th (for a third week in a row!), Simon L is at 31st(-6), Olly O is at 33rd(-2), Clare N is at 42nd(-1), Jamie T is at 52nd(-1), Paul H is at 57th(-8), Mark F is where you wanna be if you’re a loser, on 65th(-5) and Mark S is at 72nd(+1)
To qualify for invitation to the PAS Cup 2009 you will have to finish here at the end of Week 13 – current resident is Tony B (-3)
Other Stuff:
Remember we had half a weekly prize to give out cos of Mr 2-0? Well 5 contenders didn’t, leaving Tim Birtwisle 22(3) all alone to scoop up the tenner surpassing the others 16(2)
And Another Thing:
“Wenger out!”? Moi?