L13 Winter 2008 : Week 6 Roundup

One Day Like This:
It hasn’t happened before so it was only a matter of time I suppose! A spate of 2-0 results gave Mr 2-0 39 (8) the weekly winning score dragging along Clare Nevin, Dan Rayner, Steve Tagger, Tim Birtwisle, Dan Clements & Dennis McDowell. Now those who are not new to this game know that someone that doesn’t exist can’t get any money – it goes to the first homeless person we see. Soooooo, as this week is shared, £10 will go to a random and the other tenner will go to whoever gets the highest score next week from Clare (on her wedding weekend!), Dan, Steve, Tim, Dan & Dennis. Tony B for one will be cursing the Geordies!
Wishing they’d left it to fate like they’ve done quite often this season are Matt Davies & Dave McSherry 9(0). Imagine if they supprted Citeh and Arsenal as well! What? Oh!
Correct Score of the Week
This 0-0 spotting is getting me down – 12 of you got St Mirren v Hibs and 6 got Falkirk v Dundee Utd and 5 got Donny v Swansea. 13 players jumped for joy at the Russian’s goal down the Lane and 7 got WBA 2 Blackburn 2. Best score for this week though goes to Lisa Grey for her Pompey 1 Wigan 2. If anyone had got Man U – Hull, I would have abandoned the competition!
Bet of the Week
Oh man! We’re £20.60 down now as Pompey let us down in one acca and Villa in the other. Mr 2-0 can’t bet so I’ll put together a little something to bring is back up to speed!

Table News

Mountain High:
Jason Morris is the first to break the 200 point barrier and forges ahead 4 points clear of Jazz S in 2nd. These two are now pulling away from the tightly bunched peleton – Tim B and Dan R crash into the Top Ten courtesy of their good mate Mr 2-0
River Deep:
Mark Shakespeare remains Bottom (geddit!) 4 points adrift of Danielle F who in turn is 4 points away from Neil B
Another disciple of Mr 2-0, Steve Tagger is bigging up his chest this week cos he’s up 24 places to 15th – Bo! Honourable mentions for Mr 2-0 (+22), Dan C (+21), Dennis McD (+21), Clare N (+20) and Tony B (+19).
Matt Worsfold and Dave McSherry are both down 18 places to 46th & 58th respectively – the sl*gs. Dishonourable mentions for Rich L (-17), Matt D (-15), Paul J (-13), John W (-13) and Martin S (-13)
Spot Prizers:
OK, if you finish on these positions at the end of Week 13, you win these prizes! Dennis McD is on the promos at 11th(+21), Stephen S is at 12th(-2), Wayne C on 17th(-8), Shaun B is at 27th(non mover), Olly O is at 31st(+4), Rich L is at 33rd(-17), Stephen P is at 42nd(-4), Anders H is at 52nd(-5), Seb A is at 57th(+5), Paul J is where you wanna be if you’re a loser, on 65th(-13) and Danielle Fis at 72nd(-6)
PAS Cup 2009:
To qualify for invitation to the PAS Cup 2009 you will have to finish here at the end of Week 13 – current resident is Francesca F (-12)
Other Stuff:
It’ll be an early shout for the “last call” this week as I’m off to the first PAS Wedding in Donegal, Norn Iron – yay!
And Another Thing:
Did Rory Delap keep his “skill” a secret at Southampton and Derby?