L13 Winter 2008 : Week 5 Roundup

The Aimless:
It was nip n tuck all the way but in the end they couldn’t be separated! Nick Hogwood & Neil Templeton 41 (6) share the Week 5 prize with £10 each. Well done chaps, Neil will be able to add a bit more to the wedding ring kitty and Nick will probably mock his brother in a sibling baiting fashion!
She’s just got back from Down Under but she probably wishes she was still there, Louise Briggs 13 (1) is the bottom of the world of this weeks scores!
Correct Score of the Week:
I might have to scrap this section as it’s a) boring and b) I’m never in it! Anyway, 16 got Birmingham’s 3-1, 14 got Man City’s 3-0, 11 got Rangers’s 1-3, 9 got Rochdale’s 94th minute 3-1 (when I had 2-1 – grrrr!), 7 got one of the two 0-0’s available at Barnsley, 5 got Blackpool’s 2-2 with Palace, Danielle F / Dave C / Mark G / Nick H got Swansea’s 3-0, Dan R / Francesca F / John W / Neil T have a missed penalty to thank for Wolves 2-3 win at Watford, Michael G / Mark S got Liverpool’s historic win that stops Chelsea doing a 38 (yay!) and Greg E & Michelle F saved their skins from an abject week by getting a 10 pointer at Celtic. This week’s Best Correct Score goes to Dan Clements for his Everton 1 Man Utd 1.
Bet of the Week:
Speaking of Man bloomin Yoo, we can all hate them a little bit more as they let us down for £70 in Tricky’s 5 team acca. We find ourselves £10.60 down but have 2 winners to help redress the balance – step up Neil T (can you spare 5 from learning your speech?) and Nick H.

Table News

Top Banana:
Jason Morris swaps places with Richard H and he now has a 3 point lead at the top. Jazz S is lurking in 3rd and these three now have a 15 point buffer from the chasing pack. Neil T is the significant new entry in the top prize positions at 5.
Rubbish Monkey:
Mark Shakespeare slips 4 places to the bottom and I’ll err away from the obvious to say he’s in double double toil and trouble, Neil B is only 2 points above him and Sp*rs feelgood factor has spread far and wide as Michael G is off the bottom in 71st
On The Up:
Scott Angus moves up 25 places to 24th – skills! Honourable mentions for Neil T (+15), Dave C (+20), Nick H (+24) and Ciaran McG (+20)
On A Downer:
Steve Tagger falls down 18 places to 39th – Boo! dishonourable mentions for Mark J B (-15), Matt G (-14), Louise B (-15) and Julian F (-13)
Spot Prizers:
OK, if you finish on these positions at the end of Week 13, you win this prize! Dave C is on the promos at 11th(+20), Nick H is at 12th(+24), Martin S on 17th(-9), Shaun B is at 27th(-4), Dan C is at 31st(+3), Danny A is at 33rd(-6), Mark G is at 42nd(-3), Paul J is at 52nd(+9), Mr 2-0 is at 57th(-3), Mark F is where you wanna be if you’re a loser, on 65th(-7) and Neil B is at 72nd(-5)
PAS Cup 2009:
to qualify for invitation to the PAS Cup 2009 you will have to finish here at the end of Week 13 – current resident is Dennis McD(+5)
All been promised and paid in by the end of the week apparently!
Other Stuff:
My shadow scorer lost his way a bit this week – shame!
And Another Thing:
The 5-1 will be avenged ’Arry!