L13 Winter 2008 : Week 4 Roundup

“The Promise”:
He didn’t break the 61 point benchmark but Richard Hirst 59 (8) will still be made up to collect the £20 weekly prize and make a big dent in the table. Tricky stuff!
The Threat:
Woe is a Wiganer! Robbed by the Scousers (surely you don’t take from your own?!) on Saturday, Neil Birchall 12 (0) got a double whammy of grief by finishing last this week. What will your new nephew think…
Correct Score of the Week:
And there was me thinking 0-0s would be really hard to predict…
15 got Arsenal 3 Everton 1, 19 got Man Utd 4 WBA 0 (happy stag do Neil T!), 9 got Hull’s 1-0 and 9 got Stoke’s 2-1 (is this really a surprise anymore?), 5 got the Toon’s and the Tractor Boy’s “Desmond”, 11(!!) got Doncaster 0 Blackpool 0 and Bolton 0 Blackburn 0, 8 got the stalemate at Fulham and 5 got Villa’s 0-0 with Pompey. Jason M / Wayne C / Rich L all got the Eagles 3-0 win and Anthony Y & Anders H got the travesty at Anfield. The best correct score has to be unique, so no winner this week…
Bet of the Week:
Dave N gave us a gallant run for our money but Franchise FC let us down with a 2-2 draw – so, we go into Week 5 £5.60 down, over to Richard H to lead us to salvation…
Table News:
Full comprehensive table attached – I think we’ve got it right this week!
Tip Top:
He left a consortium to go it alone and so far so good for Richard Hirst who finds himself top of the pile with a 3 point lead from fellow ex-consort Jason M. Jazz S makes an ominous move into 3rd – be afraid!
Swing Low:
As hapless as his team but with 73 more points, Michael Green finds himself 6 points adrift of Jamie T – Glyn W and Donna E are falling fast to join them!
Highest Climber:
I am ace! Up 37 places to 17th – check it! Honourable mentions for John W (+22), Francesca F (+21 – what a girl!), Olly O/ Tim B / Richard H (+17)
Biggest Faller:
Not so ace this week is Dennis McDowell down 23 places to 37th – dishonourable mentions for Neil B / Mr 2-0 (ha ha!) / Dan Clements (-22), Neil M (-21) and Matt D (-20)
Spot Prizers:
OK, if you finish on these positions at the end of Week 13, you win the prize!
For now, Rich L is at 11th (+13), Stephen S is at 12th (-6), i’m on 17th (+37), Danny A is at 27th (-12), Dave C is at 31st(-18), Tim B is at 33rd(+17), Will O is at 42nd(-9), Mark McD is at 52nd(+8), Anthony L is at 57th(-6), Anthony Y is where you wanna be if you’re a loser, on 65th(+8) and Jamie T is at 72nd(-2)
PAS Cup 2009:
to qualify for invitation to the PAS Cup 2009 you will have to finish here at the end of Week 13 – current resident is Olly O (+17)
If your name is here, you’ve got a few days left to sort it or you’re facing expulsion from this season’s competition (some of you have been in touch so make sure you get yer cash in as promised!) (drum roll please…)
Martin Stafford (£2.50) / Steve Tagger / Mark J Brown (shall I send you a Paypal request?) / Tim Birtwisle / Dave McSherry / Matt Davies / Neil Birchall / Stephen Peaston / Dan Rayner / Dave Tagger / Jamie Tofeili
Other Stuff:
Nowt – just need your money in non-payers!!
And Another Thing:
Win a trophy or Sp*rs go down? Hmmmmm….