L13 Winter 2008 : Week 3

Omar Little:
Very high calibre of scores posted this week – even bods as far down as 40th could’ve won it in a normal week – eek! However, he led at the break, and he kept up the pressure to pull away from Sean Peers, Jason Morris and John McSherry (chin up boys!) – big up my fellow board member and inventor of the PAS scoring matrix, (does this sound a bit suss?) Dave Nicklin 61 (10). Dave will be donating his £20 to first foreigner willing to buy out Mike Ashley at the Toon!
Stuart Little :
So if you we’re down with the detritus you really will feel the pain this week – no more so than my good friend Michael Green 21 (1). Unfortunately Michael is disabled when it comes to football but I’m sure he’ll take heart that it can only get better as they say down the Lane!
Correct Score of the Week :
Oh man! This is where I really feel bad! 24 of you got Denmark, 14 Spain, 12 Greece, 9 Belarus – England, 6 the lovely 0-0 in the Ukraine, 5 the even lovelier 0-0 in Bulgaria on Saturday, 5 Romania – France and 5 both San Marino’s games. Paul H / Matt G / Louise B / John McS got Lux 1 – Israel 3, Tony B / Olly O / Mark McD got Serbia 3 Lith 0 and Stewart L & Jon A have Chris Ilummox to thank for Scotland 0 Norway 0. Correct score of the week though goes to Karl Chartres for his Faroe Islands 1 Austria!
Bet of the Week:
Did you get on? Greg E correctly gave us a 4/5 accumulator meaning we are 60p shy of breaking even – well done Greggy boy! Up next is serial accumulator master Dave N who will try to mirror his 15/1 winner from last year (or was it the year before that?)
Week 3 is attached – full table update next week as we’ve had a very late comer join the fray and he threw my calculations out!
Still a few stragglers – if your name is here, you’ve got til Friday October 24th to settle up or face excommunication, tar and feathering and general ridicule from your peers!(drum roll please)Martin Stafford (£2.50) / Steve Tagger / Mark J Brown (shall I send you a Paypal request?) / Dave Crisp / Tim Birtwisle / Dave McSherry / Matt Davies / Neil Birchall / Stephen Peaston / Dan Rayner / Dave Tagger / Jamie Tofeili. Come on!!! Don’t let me down and drop out now people!
Other Stuff:
Spotter prize to Ben H for pointing out the, ahem, deliberate misspelling of Norn Ireland’s conquerors on Saturday. You can’t sniff at talent like that! Please aim to send your scoresheets back in Word doc as we had a bit of mare with one punters scores this week due to “format” issues in the matrix – safe to say we picked it up, amended and Dave N has provided a fix. If you think your score has been calculated wrong please shout up we need to kill any bugs there may be lurking out there – we rarely wrong mind! Congrats to Steve Tagger and Martin Stafford who each had a safe delivery of a future PASer this week. Bless!
And Another Thing:
I hate Setanta.