L13 Winter 2008 : Week 2

I Want Candy :
Pretty low standard for a winning score but it won’t mean a thing to Greg Edwards 31 (3) cos he’s snagged the £20 this week. I say snagged, he actually still owes me £2.50 the thieving (sort’ve) Scouse!
I Want Crisps :
Meanwhile, across the Pennines Stewart Lee 9 (0) may well be rueful of submitting his scores ultra early without a glance at current form, league tables, thinking Leeds (Leeds Leeds) will win every week!
Correct Score of the Week :
14(!) got Reading 3 Burnley 1, 8 got Celtic 4 Hamilton 0, Seb A / Mark Sh / Gareth M / Dave T got the score-we-shall-never-mention at the Stadium of Light, Lisa G got the score-we’ll mention-every-week at White Hart Lane, Stephen P got Sheff U’s 3-0 win over Bristol C and Greg E got a luvverly 9 pointer with Coventry 4 Southampton 1. But, with a talent she obviously got from her dad (actually, that’s a lie – it’s her nan feeding her the scores), Francesca Fernandez got this week’s and the best so far, Correct Score of the Week with Man City 2 Liverpool 3
Bet of the Week:
In time honoured tradition we fall at the first hurdle as our Week 1 “expert” crashed and burned with his two tiered selection. So, £5 down, we look to Greg E to get us back in the black!
All prize money has be added now. Apologies for missing people off etc. but I think we’ve got everyone on there now! Please let me know if you’re not on there (document saving bugs this end!)
Right, if your name is here, you’ve got til Friday October 24th to settle up or face excommunication, tar and feathering and general ridicule from your peers! (drum roll please) Martin Stafford (£2.50) / Steve Tagger / Mark J Brown (shall I send you a Paypal request?) / Dave Crisp / Tim Birtwisle / Scott Angus / Matt Davies / Greg Edwards (£2.50) / Neil Birchall / Michael Green / Richard Lee / Gareth Morgan / Matt Worsfold / Wayne Connolly / Mark Shakespeare / Stephen Peaston / Dan Rayner / Donna Edmead / Andrew Chesworth / Dave Tagger / Michelle Fernandez / Jamie Tofeili. Don’t let me down people!
Other Stuff:
If a scoresheet is sent out and the first match is say, 12.45, any entries received from 12.46 onwards will have said game as “2-0” but all other scores are still valid. The same works if you miss the 3pm kick offs – you’ll get “2-0” for all those missed but your scores still count for the late kick offs and the Sunday/Monday games. It’s worth sending your scores in if their late as Greg E didn’t submit a scoresheet until 5pm this week – and he won! Oh, and it’s the time the email is RECEIVED irrespective of when it’s sent so don’t leave it too late eh?
And Another Thing:
We love City Hull again this week as much as the new TV On The Radio album!