L13 Winter 2008 : Week 1

Tigers! Tigers! :
In a mixed week for Wiganers (lose the rugby / win in the football / pies a bit too hot for the clement weather…) local boy Martin Stafford 40(7) was the on the upbeat side taking the first weekly prize of £20 AND the first weekly win of the new regime (did you get a 0-0?!). Well done Martin, I think a trip to your local DVD emporium to buy the last season of The Wire is on the cards yeah?! It’s brilliant, just wait til you see what happens to M–snip!
Toon! Toon! :
It’s always been girls allowed in PAS but debutant Louise Briggs & veteran Clare Nevin 10(0) really let the side down with this weeks worst score. Apparantly Louise is sooooo embarassed she’s hopped off to Oz
Correct Score of the Week :
Loads of you got the old skool 7 pointer that is now a 5 pointer called Rangers, 5 got Wigan beating the “team that will ruin football forever with their silly money”, amazingly, Matt W / Danielle F / Dave C / Anthony L all got Celtic’s 9 pointer 3-2, cunningly, Nick H / Neil T / Martin S / Lisa G got the only new 8 pointer that is 0-0 (Barnsley – Norwich) and Mark McD got 5 points for his Burnley 3 PNE 1. However, this weeks best score was Will Oppong’s Reading 4 Swansea 0. Eight lovely points my Gooner bruvver!
Bet of the Week:
For all you newbies, the Weekly winner gets a chance to lenfd you his or her expertise and guide you where to place a fiver when you visit the bookies at the weekend (everybody does that right?!). The bet can be on absolutely anything (we’ve F1 bets before, a few gee gees and plenty of madcap accumulators) and the idea is for us all to follow the advice and win some money! Over the years we’re about even all told so let’s hope Martin S gets us off to a flyer! The BotW will be maied round with the last reiminder and my scores on a Friday…
Week 1 is attached – all prize money will be added on once I have the all players paid up and confirmed…which leads nicely to…
If you’ve paid up – thanks! If you haven’t – as soon as please! (contact me for payment details)
Other Stuff:
Spot the good and bad in this email? “Can you put me down for 4-0 for utd, arsenal and chelsea. 1-1 for liverpool. celtic and rangers 3-0 Newcastle beaten 0-1 and the rest 3-0” That’s right! Good that the player mailed me a few scores cos they didn’t have time and bad asking for 3-0 for “the rest”. If you cant/don’t complete all your scores you can ONLY have 2-0 as a “blanket” score! Got that? Good. We have our analysts poring tirelessly over the entries weeding out any spoilers, so don’t do it kids – just say no! I In this case, 2-0 gave the player a better score anyway!

And Another Thing: did you get beaten by a 12 week old???!