L13 Spring 2008 : Week 8 – Review

2-0 down, 3-2 up!:
A pretty random week again (see Mr 2-0 for confirmation) predicting-wise and it went to the wire for the weekly prize. Thanks to her beloved local team winning 4-0, Clare Nevin 32(5) just about edged out the other Hogwood from turning into a family thing and Anthony Y from bragging from here to kingdom come despite his team getting walloped by the only team that Derby have beat. So, £20 to spend in a Belfast cocktail bar Clare – bottoms up!
That Brum City penalty:
A bit like the Arse, his has gone as well – Will Oppong 14 (1) limps in with his first bad week of the season
Correct Score of the Week :
Scant. Clare N and Anthony Y got the Man Yoo masterclass and Julian F took time off getting 0-0’s to land Coventry 3 Plymouth 1. However this weeks award and now best of the season, goes to Barrie Riding for his Charlton 2 Wolves 3 prediction. I’m not happy…
Bet of the Week:
Grrrr! Only ’that brilliant team at home’, Ipswich let our Norwich friend down this week – we are now £10 down – time for some luck o’ the Irish Clare!
Table News:
Will O is still there but his lead has been drastically cut to 5 points – highest climbers are the Marks J Brown and Seels (+8) and the furthest fallers mark McD/Steve T (yes, he actually sent some scores in!)/Dan R (-9). Mr. 2-0 (booooo! He’s still there dammit!) is where you’ve got to be for automatic Euro 2008 involvement and Martin S is now a long long 14 points from wooden spoon avoidance.