Spring 2008 : Cup QF & L13 Week 5 – Review

The Romance Of The Cup:
Well well well, he’s the first to get a “double” this season – Dave Nicklin 28(5) just edged out Mr 2-0 and his 9 mates to take another £20. Well done Dave, but that’s 3 out of 5 weeks won by the PAS board – people will start to talk…
One Wheeled Bike:
He’s employing a maverick scoring system and it’s not paying off! Anthony Yearwood 7(0) completes his own double at the other end – he doesn’t care though, Spurs are good again apparantly!
Correct Score of the Week:
Bleak week. 10 of you got the only real one that was predictable (Liverpool 3 Toon 0) and everyone missed out on the W Ham banker again! Dave N gets this week’s props for his Blackpool 2 Southampton 2…
Bet of the Week:
…and despite his winning week, he can’t deliver us a winning bet! Nevermind, he gets another go and hopefully he’ll put some effort in to improve on our £5 in the black.
Table News:
Will O stays top opening up a 7 point lead. Steve T is this week’s biggest improver on the back of Mr 2-0 and Lisa G is where you got to be for automatic Euro 2008 involvement. Julian F couldn’t care less falling furthest as his kness have gone all trembly cos he’s on his way to Wemberlee, and one of our two Wiganers is now bottom. Yes, that’s you Martin S!
Cup Results:
Would you Adam & believe it! Two players went through courtesy of the increasingly annoying Mr 2-0 and one player got through on 14 points! Big up Mark McD though who smoothed an impressive path through with 14 “Joker” points – that’s the way to do it!
Cup Draw :
Mark McDowell (8) v Mark J Brown (6)
Neil Meredith (27) v Matt Davies (11)
Semi-finalists please note everyone gets to play a “Joker” in this round