L13 Spring 2008 : Week 4 – Update

Sleep – dontcha just love it!

The Big Apple was sweet – I have calf muscles made of steel and big bags full of shopping and under my eyes – anyway… Week 4 will conclude tonight as Gretna v Dundee Utd was moved(?) from Saturday for some reason which is just as well as it’s a very close week at the top!

A Gretna win will see the weekly prize shared, a draw will give it to Will O and an away win will sway it Dave N’s way. Oh, Mr 2-0 is having a mare btw so if you didn’t submit any scores, then you is a fool…

The Week 5 scoresheet is also the PAS Cup Quarter Finals – attention now kids – EVERYONE has to fill this in and send it back (got that Greg?!)

The Cup draw has been made – “home” boys don’t forget your “joker” (it can be any of the 30 games) and please be double aware, these scores count towards the league as well but any bonus “joker” points do not.

Now for the light entertainment…

NYC – the facts

  1. When it’s cold, it’s cold. Northface never made more sense…
  2. Homefries and eggs for breakfast is the bomb!
  3. The streets of Manhattan are really clean – looks like that “real rain” finally came Travis..
  4. US telly should be renamed US ads with bits of programmes in between
  5. Saks is the best dept store if you like expensive things served by gay people.
  6. Schezuan International the best Chinese in town has gone! I shed a tear…
  7. Lombardi’s the best pizza in the world has changed from a homely little restaurant in 2001 to a full on “chain” style eaterie 5 times the size. I wept, but the food is still gorgeous.
  8. The “Soup Nazi” is real.
  9. The “Top of the Rock” (Rockafeller Centre) is officially better than the Empire State – don’t go up when it’s really windy and cold though cos the very top bit is “open” – whoo, scary!
  10. There’s hardly any fat annoying loud people in NYC but they’re really rude to make up for it
  11. The food is fab – from any hotdog stand to the top notch eateries
  12. If Duane Reade isn’t one of the richest peole in NY I’ll be amazed – don’t ever arrange to meet “by Duane Reade’s on the corner” – there’s about 15 million of them.
  13. Mr Starbuck is running close second..
  14. If you’re going to buy electrical stuff from the numerous discount stores do your RRP homework first – I didn’t and I’m sure I’ve been done over even though he gave me “like, a 50% discount…”
  15. You cannot get the football scores off the telly
  16. Virgin is still called Virgin
  17. If you have been clubbing for a while and want to see what the (NYC) kids are into, go into Abercrombie & Fitch – it’s dark (the shutters are all down – it looks closed from the outside), loud (I’m talking house at “club” volume!) and full of the young & beautiful (about 5 sales people per customer all chatting to each other, posing and not really working). It’s really disorientating and you can’t really see the clothes, which is just as well cos the latest “distressed” line is a bit rubbish..
  18. You could really eat and drink like a king in the deli’s
  19. Flying business class (we got upgraded on the way out!) makes premium economy seem like standing on one leg in economy. I may quit flying now while I’m ahead..
  20. If you haven’t been, go!