L13 Spring 2008 : Week 4 – Review

European Glory:
You already know dontcha! Gretna was called off again (thanks Neil T/Jazz S) so the spoils are shared between Will Oppong & Dave Nicklin 39 (6). Will will probably put the tenner towards a girdle for his “dodgy” back and Dave will probably start the “Kelvin Koogan Out Now – We Will Pay Money!” campaign…
Another Potless Season:
Mr 2-0 had an Elm Street (at last – ha!) but even worse, John Williamson 9 (0) managed to score the same but actually submitted scores. Like his team, after the Lord Mayors show…
Correct Score of the Week:
A bumper week had by most – 5 got the Arse, 9 got Man Yoo, 5 got the Baggies, 6 got the Teddy Bears, 4 got the Scousers and 4 more got the other Scousers. Will O and Jamie S got a commendable Falkirk 0 Motherwell 0, Neil T and Dave N got a jammy Darlo 3 Brentford 1 and Julian F kept up his speciality 0-0 spotting with Man City-Wigan. (drum roll please) As you probably noticed and groaned when it came in, I had West Ham 0 Chelsea 4 and therefore am best in show. Never underestimate a wounded animal even if it’s fat…
Bet of the Week:
…unfortunately I couldn’t deliver on the money front – both bets were well short so I hand over to Will & Gra, Dave, to improve on our showing profit of £10.
Table News:
Will O goes clear at the top closely followed by Danny A and Mark F. Dave N makes a spectacular splash into the Top Ten and Ben H benchmarks where you have to be to be invited into the European Championships. Neil T, Andy C and Tony B make great strides up and Jon T, Neil M and Greg E go impressively the other way. Anthony Y hauls his carcass off the bottom only to be replaced by another of his ilk in John W. Mr 2-0 and his cronies fell way more than any other. So there.