L13 Spring 2008 : Week 1 Roundup

“…give him the ball, and he will score!”:
In a truly horrendous week getting 20 or over was some achievement (I mean, even Mr. 2-0 managed it… Yeah, that bad) so lets doff our caps to Mark Fawke 41 (6) who managed to guess his way to the first £20 of the new season. Well done Drazic, £20 towards a League Cup Final ticket? Ooops, sorry, my mistake – you haven’t even been to White Hart Lane let alone Wemberlee…
Organising this can sometimes be a chore especially when you don’t win every week or get 10 (0) – fortunately my misery wasn’t fully compounded as Neil Templeton 9 (0)managed to predict even worserer (yessssss, I know that’s not a word but it sounds better doesn’t it – it’ll make him feel really bad ha ha ha…)
Correct Score of the Week:
Half a dozen of you got the City’s first home defeat of the season, a magnifique seven got the Scousers annoying 3-0 win, Neil M & Mark McD got Colchester 2 Sheff U 2 and, you can see how he won now, Mark Fawke got QPR 3-0 v Bristol City and Watford’s 3-0 against Wolves – who cares what’s the best, it’s not gonna last is it…
Bet of the Week:
Mr Fawke is first up with his selections – we’ll make it a bit easier(realistic?) this season – give us a treble to bet a fiver on Mark!
You’ll see from the table you’ll need to finish in the Top 16 to qualify for Euro 08 – it’ll be a fiver in (there’s some prize money already there!) and you’ll be “allocated“ a team each that may earn you more points – all fun, and even the “outsiders” can get a piece of the action for a mere tenner…