Spring Cup 2008 : Round 1 Draw

This will be for the Top 32 only so all you extra players, no need to get excited! The league starts the week after when everyone is involved…

Cup players, anything you don’t understand drop me a line and I’ll explain r e al l y s l o w l y…

Danny Ashworth (2)     v Janine Ryan (22)
Dave McSherry (31) v Jamie Sellers (9)
Neil Meredith (27) v Will Oppong (13)
Gareth Morgan (16) v Nick Hogwood (30)
Tony Bowley (3) v Pab (15)
Ciaran McGoldrick (20) v Mark J Brown (6)
Anthony Yearwood (10) v Barrie Riding (28)
Simon Lindquist (19) v Matt Davies (11)
Richard Lee (32) v Mark McDowell (8)
Martin Stafford (14) v Mark Grey (5)
Greg Edwards (29) v Jazz Sian (1)
Mark Seels (23) v Neil Templeton (4)
Howard Thomas (12) v Tim Birtwisle (21)
Ben McKeown (18) v Wayne Connolly (24)
Anders Hoglund (17) v Stephen Peaston (26)
Jon Allin (25) v Dan Rayner (7)

(number) = finished in Lucky 13 Winter 2007

Tony B got the dream draw as I always go out in the 1st round and Greg E drew the short straw.