L13 Winter 2007 : Week 9 Roundup

iPhone :
Bet you thought you had a good week eh? Got around late 20’s early 30’s? Yeah me and the other 40 people I’m afraid – for once all the scores went with the form (bar the Championship cos it’s mental) so it was just a question of nailing the correct scores. Well one person who did was Tim Birtwisle 43 (6) who ran out a comfortable winner in the end thanks to Arsenal sloppiness at the end of last nights game. Old skool former Champion Tim might spend his winnings going back home to Sporston Green…
Two yoghurt pots & piece of string :
We all know people who love to talk don’t we – well I can’t wait for Dave Crisp 12 (0) to talk me through his one when we’re at the next Arsenal game…
Correct Score of the Week:
14 people simultaneously jumped up from their sofa when Shorey slotted home, 4 people got Plymouth while I waited in vain for Norwich to score, Julian F got the “most obvious 0-0 EVER!” at Bolton along with Matt H & Ben H, myself and Janine R reluctantly got Sp*rs 4-0, Howard T & Mark J B impressed even themselves with Everton’s draw at the Bridge, Howie T nailed Motherwell as well, Ben McK got Hull 3-0 and Stephen P got Charlton 3-0. Best score of the week (and some Jambos would argue, best of the season! But not me cos I’m Hibee!) goes to Paul Jenner for his Hearts 4 Aberdeen 1
Bet of the Week :
the most obvious 0-0 EVER! scuppered our bet so we’re now £30 down but have international specialist, Tim B to set us right (bet he puts England to win 2-0…)