L13 Winter 2007 : Week 8 Table Roundup

I’m Brilliant :
The machine, Jazz Sian, stretches his lead to a healthy 14 points from Neil T who in turn, is a further 5 points in front of Matt D.
I’m A Spaz :
Despite doing well this week (cos Mr 2-0 did his scores) Neil Birchall is still bottom. If Neil had a sat nav and he punched in Jon T as his destination, he would be very near to hearing “you have arrived”… Well, 7 points away.
Brilliantesque :
Highest climber this week is Ben Hogwood up a just-short-of-the-cup-qualification leap of 14 places to 33rd – fellow climbers are Joanne G (+6), Ciaran McG (+11), Jon A (+10), Steve B (+7) and Karl C (+6)
Spazzy :
Falling furthest this week is Andy Chesworth down a whats-happened-to-my-football-knowledge?-is-it-cos-I’m concentrating-on-my-wedding-next-year-and-getting-distracted (oops, did I just say that out loud?) drop of 14 places to 52nd – fellow fallers are Gareth M (-9), Stephen P (-11), Pam D (-12) and Scott A (-8)
Marmite :
Love it or hate it, finishing here on Week 13 will bring a you a big jar of Guinness Marmite – the Mark Seels consortium have their knives at the ready and toast in the toaster…
Spotters :
Current residents are 14th – me! (+2), 17th – Tim B (+4), 23rd – Neil M (-4), 33rd – Ben H (+14), 39th – Mr. 2-0 (+4), 46th – Matt H (+2), 58th – Anne C (-1) and 64th – Ben A (non mover – again!)
Cup 2007 :
At the end of Week 13 you need to be where Simon L is (+1) to qualify for the Lucky 13 Spring 2007 & the Big PAS Cup!