L13 Winter 2007 : Week 8 Roundup

Konichiwa Bitches :
In a fairly lo-scoring week it went to the wire with around a dozen in with a shout before Monday’s games – Tony B was just nudged aside by Mark J Brown & Ben Hogwood 33 (6). Bluenose Brown was cursing his own James Vaughn’s 101st minute goal as it robbed him of 3 points and an outright win. £10 each then that Browny has probably spent on 9 cheesy nudgers from Greggs and Ben, umm, I dunno, what would Ben spend £10 on?
See You Next Tuesday You Is A Punk :
Serial “crazy” score predictor Scott Aslett 10 (0) is steadily heading the way of Palace…
Correct Score of the Week:
12 disciples got the Emirates epic, 7 clock watchers got Everton, Tony B / Olly O / Anthony Y got East Anglian inbred derby and hats off to Mark Grey who managed to gauge in ineptitude of the Brazilian Bramble to come up with Newcastle 1 Portsmouth 4. Best correct score of the season so far without doubt.
Bet of the Week :
He ruffled a few feathers with his “scouse” treble and just like Liverpool’s 17 claims to a league title he failed. We go into Week 9 in the capable hands of Mark J B/Ben H to turn round the £25 deficit. Come on!


Fings We Noticed :
Nice to see Sir Alec’s hearing isn’t as bad as his eyesight – Arsenal getting accused of an atmosphere! Who’d have thought it! And while we’re here, let’s hope when all the “bloody foreigners” get turfed back to where they came from, it’s extended to having English-only managers too. I’m sure he’d love it back in Aberdeen… Waitrose in Cheadle is the coldest supermarket EVER! Juande Ramos is Jack Lord (ask yer dad about the Five-O kids!) Stephen Ireland is mentally ill.