L13 Winter 2007 : Week 6 Roundup

Yes, I’m a tw*t – short n sweet again I’m afraid…

Too Good:
Danny Ashworth 38 (7)
Too Bad:
Tim Birtwisle 9 (0)
Best Correct Score:
no one this week – 6 got W Ham, Phil C / Ciaran McG / Andy C got Bristol City and Nick H / Jazz S / Dave C got the Toon

Week 7 scoresheets in by 12.44 on Saturday.

It didn’t really matter that I couldn’t update earlier on time as some people still haven’t grasped sending their scoresheet to two e-dresses (all remedied on Nov 30 as we finish here at the Guardian, so it will be to my personal e-dress only then – I’ve got a new job by the way – start in Jan, Dec off – yay!) Oh, and please send your scores back as a “.doc” cos I can’t open them otherwise!


all back to normal next week – promise
looks like we’ve got a real title battle this year as Jazz has been reeled in over the last few weeks
Danny A – you’re on BotW duty!