L13 Winter 2007 : Week 3 Roundup

Hot :
The freak football money machine that is Jazz Sian moves increases his lead to an astounding 25 points. He may have name that sounds like a z-list Welsh female lounge act but his predicting is TOTP. Tony B, Dan R & Mark J B lead the chase in vain…
Cold :
Pieman supreme, Neil Birchall languishes 10 points adrift of Danny B who is reflecting the Chelsea model of consistency
Bubbling :
Highest climber this week is Greg Edwards up a giant stairwell of 30 places to 28th – props to Tony B (+28), Mark J B (+22) and Ben H (+24)
Tepid :
Gary Blackburne may be good at shooting clay pigeons but he’s dropped the most places this week (-22) to 27th – those to scoff at are Neil M (-14), Craig P G (-18), Mr. 2-0 (-17), Clare N (-16), Ben McK (-17) and Pam D (-17)
Marmite :
Love it or hate it, finishing here on Week 13 will bring a you a big jar of Guinness Marmite – Mark McD has his knife at the ready and toast in the toaster…
Spotters :
Current residents are 14th – Janine R (-14), 17th – Mark F (non mover (again!)), 23rd – Martin S (+11), 33rd – Simon L (non mover), 39th – Gareth M (+10), 46th – Jon T (-10), 58th – Pam D (-17) and 64th – Ben A (-10)
Cup 2007 :
At the end of Week 13 you need to be where Julian F is ( -4) to qualify for the Lucky 13 Spring 2007 & the Big PAS Cup!
Fratton Park :
He needed anything but a Villa win and my good friends at the Lane made him sweat for it! Thanks to the 2nd best defender in France last year (the first was Sagna, natch) Tony Bowley 49 (8) picks up the £20 weekly prize and posts a handsome winning score that will be hard to beat this season. Well done Mr B, I’m sure you can buy back Marlon Harewood for Forest with that fistful of cash…
Deepdale :
As uninspiring as Man Yoo grinding out another 1-0, Pam Dyson 12 (0) is hoping for better things after this current flop.
Correct Score of the Week :
Twelve monkeys got Celtic’s 3-0, six of the best got Hearts 1 – 3 at St Mirren and Stephen P & Danielle F got 8 points for Hull City 3 Ipswich Town 1. Correct score of the Week this week goes to Wayne Connolly for his inspired PNE 0 Bristol City 0. It’s not all goals goal goals y’know…
Bet of the Week :
4 out of 7 was good but not good enough when you need 7 out of 7. We go into Week 3 £10 down and looking to Tony B to recoup…
News :
Ever wondered what your fellow PASer’s look like? See that Steven Beale, that’s Mark Fawke that is!