L13 Spring 2007 : Week 7 Roundup

Hot :
He (and 3 others in the Top Ten!) didn’t send in any scores, but Ben Alder is still out front with a 12 point lead over Neil T and Matt W…
Cold :
He always sends in scores (early and clearly mental), but Scott Aslett is now in the wooden spoon position, one point away from Martin S…
Warm :
Yours truly climbed highest (scant reward!) this week up 10 places to 15th – others of note are Matt W (+5), Lisa G (+6), Danny A (+6) and Richard L (+5).
Tepid :
No surprises as Stephen P falls the furthest, down 10 places to 32nd – others of note are Matt G (-4), Will O (-4) and Michelle F (-7).
Close But A Cigar! :
Jamie S got knocked out the Cup and slid 2 places to 8th – 9 points off the money…
Spotters :
Lisa G (+6) on 11th, Will O (-4) on 23rd, Stephen P (-10) on 32nd and Wayne C (+3) on 39th.
Ireland CC:
Not only did I have to endure sitting in the 80’s football museum that is Goodison Park (good ol’ restrcted views, cosy seats, queuing 45 mins for a badly poured pint… I won’t even begin about a the “scouse pie”, the “atmosphere” and parking charges in Stanley Park) freezing to death watching Arsene’s young dream team turn increasingly into that other lauded batch of youngsters, Crystal Palace 1979-80, but I had the ignominy of seeing AJ smash home the only goal that could deny me the weekly prize. In the last minute. Nice. This weeks weekly winner then, is ’Appy ’Ammer Matt Worsfold 35 (5) – well done Matty, it didn’t all go your way this week, but fill yer boots with boiled beef and cabbage and treat yourself to some new buttons for that silly jacket you insist on wearing…
Freddie Flintoff:
It’s quite nice when you see your own experiences mirrored for a northerner – his team is rubbish, can’t score and also out of Europe, Stephen Peaston’s 12 (0) week just a whole lot worse…
Correct Score of the Week:
This week’s winner had a lot to thank for his Stockport 3 Hartlepool 3 ten pointer and it looked like he had the “Best Correct Score of the Season” in the bag until Neil T came along! Amazing! Loads got Chelsea and Spurs (mostly together) and Danny A & Neil m got Derby 3 Cardiff 1. Best score, just to make me feel better, goes to me for my certainty on Charlton 2 Toon 0.
Bet Of The Week:
Palace boy Dan R failed us and became the seventh person to do so – we are now £35 down and looking for a miracle now to break even. Matt W is next up – can he pull another 3-3 out of the bag??