Spring Cup 2007 – Round 2 Results

Best Score:
Jamie Sellers 28 (4)
Best Score (with a joker):
Jamie Sellers 36 (4)
Worst Score:
Dave McSherry/Dan Rayner 14 (1)
Highest Loser:
Andy Chesworth 22 (3)
Lowest Winner:
Karl Chartres 21 (2)
Best Correct Score:
Steve Tagger / Jamie Sellers (Chelsea 4 Norwich 0) – honourable mention to: Matt W (Leicester 3 Coventry 0)
Would You Adam n Believe It?!:
We had a another draw! Dave McSherry and Dan Rayner decided to mirror Reading et al and put out the reserves (Mr 2-0) and ended in stalemate as Dave McS didn’t play his joker – replay, with the advantage to Dan R, next week. Croydon holds it’s breath…

Steve T and Jamie S have a late Shevchenko goal to thank for maximising their joker to 16 points.

Pam R keeps the flag flying for the laydees by knocking out Andy C in the Guardianista derby – and she could afford to score nil points with her Man Yoo joker…

Ben A is probably wishing he placed his joker on one of the Old Firm instead of Oldham as he crashed out to the lowest scoring winner, Karl C.

Draw for the Quarter Finals will take place directly after the FA Cup draw at 1:30pm on BBC2.