Spring Cup 2007 – QF Draw

  • Dave McSherry (18)/ Dan Rayner (5) v Pam Riding (16)
  • Mark J Brown (36) v Gary Blackburne (34)
  • Steve Tagger (1) v MattWorsfold (17)
  • Jamie Sellers (6) v Karl Chartres (13)

(number) = finished in Lucky 13 Winter 2006

Pam R will be hoping Dave McS or Dan R decides to send out Mr 2-0 again.

Someone from outside the top flight will be repping in the semi finals as Mark J B and Gary B drew each other – ahhhh the romance of the Cup!

The ruthless behemoth that is Steve T got another home tie a la Chelski.

“Joker” specialist Jamie S will have nu-rave dad Karl C quaking if he pulls out another double figure plum in this round.

Remember, from here on in everyone wins some money, which quite frankly, makes me wanna puke….