L13 Spring 2007 : Week 3 Roundup

Leader of the Pack :
Vrooom! Vrooom! Neil Templeton (+8) moves 1 point ahead of Week 1 winner Ben A and 5 ahead of Simon L in third.
Flatpack :
Already 53 points off top spot is Donna Edmead (non mover) who is now just 1 point from Dave McS and 2 from Scott A at the bottom Packed Up : Highest climber, after his shocker last week, is Julian F (+14) to 17th – others of note are the leader (see above), Neil B (+7) on 11th, Will O (+9) on 19th and Lisa G (+11) on 21st.
Packed In :
Where one brother leads the other will follow – Danny Ashworth (-14) slips down to 29th – shamed faces also for Neil M / Week 2 winner Stephen P (-8) on 13th/14th respectively, Richard L (-9) on 25th, Michelle F (-7) on 30th and Mr 2-0 (-10) on 35th – good!
Close But A Cigar! :
Yep, the Cuban box provides once again – Mark G (+4) occupies 8th spot this week.
Spotters :
Neil B (+7) on 11th, Ben H (+1) on 23rd, El Presidente (+4 – I’m coming to getcha!) on 32nd and Ben McK (-1) on 39th.
North American Scum :
They’ll be dancing on the streets of East Belfast (well, one person, possibly two) as Neil Templeton 36(5) just nudges past Neil B (Wiganers robbed twice in one week – who’d’ve thought!) to take this weeks £20. Well done Neil, the dilemma for you now is spending it on a ticket for Reading away or a nice trinket for your new house?
LA Galaxy :
…meanwhile down on StalyVegas, Danny Ashworth 11(0) will be fearful of being tarred & feathered by angry (snubnosed) locals for bringing shame to their hamlet.
Correct Score of the Week:
Everyone got Chelsea (for the 2nd week running) and Matt W / Neil B got Leicester 3 Coventry 0. This weeks score of the week goes to Lisa Grey for her loyal and very optimistic PNE 1 Man Citeh 3. Are you really here?
Bet Of The Week:
Stephen P racked his brains and gave us a 7-fold accumulator that was doomed before it even got started thanks to Mark Hughes inspired 10-0-0 formation…we limp into Week 4 £15 lighter in the pocket and look to Neil T to grab some back.
Almost all the money is in now (thanks) – couple of things to mention… congrats to Karl C on the birth of his twins last month (we all know where your winnings will be going mate) and happy birthday to Mark J Brown who is now surely old enough to drop the “J” bit out of his name…

Week 3 table, Week 4 scoresheet and Quarter Final Cup draw to follow.