L13 Spring 2007 : Week 2

Another hefty week of big scores (maximum points available was 140) as the leading pack set a searing pace to the new season. Top score this week goes to Stephen Peaston 47(6) who must’ve had a great weekend considering he was at St James’s Park witnessing some scousers getting robbed (for a change!) – howay! Well done Stevie, £20 coming your way, I’d imagine you’ll be treating the missus to slap up stotties or something on Wednesday now…
With a score to match her height, Donna “Brumchick” Edmead 13(0) slips to the bottom of the pile, and in a way, mirroring the Villa – you’re bad! (as in bad).
Correct Score of the Week:
Everyone got Chelsea, Aberdeen and Rangers (just to really bore me) Julian F/Olly O/Neil M got Hartlepool 3 Walsall 1 but no one got a really good unique score this week. Ho hum.
Bet Of The Week:
Ben A gave us a patriotic treble and probably wishes he’d waited until Steve Mac had announced his “team” as it was the football leg that let us down. If you were a seasoned gambler (i.e. you lose 90% of the time) however, you would have been wise to place it as three doubles, and that way get your money back! ;-) We’re now £10 down and looking to Stephen P to turn it round…
Get your outstanding payments in please – some of you have been in touch and made arrangements, but I’ve still to hear from a few of you…

Table updates in full will start next week.

Week 3/Cup 2nd round scoresheet will be mailed round on Thursday after all the replays have been settled.