Spring Cup 2007 – Round 2 Draw

Tie of the round pairs the 1st Round big hitters Steve T and Wayne C together justifying their prime time 5.15 live podcast slot….

Also, we have a Croydon derby in the form of Dave McS v Dan R and the buzz of the office here is on Pam R v Andy C who fight it out for Guardian bragging rights…

Stephen “unlucky loser” Peaston drew the home teams and the away teams have El Presidente to thank (for nothing).

  • Dave McSherry (18) v Dan Rayner (5)
  • Donna Edmead (8) v Gary Blackburne (34)
  • Mark J Brown (36) v Ciaran McGoldrick (11)
  • Matt Worsfold (17) v Jazz Sian (2) or Matt Gingell (3)
  • Pam Riding (16) v Andy Chesworth (24)
  • Ben Alder (26) v Karl Chartres (13)
  • Jamie Sellers (6) v Mark Fawke (9)
  • Steve Tagger (1) v Wayne Connolly (7)

(number) = finished in Lucky 13 Winter 2006

Ties to be played on weekend 17/18th February 2007